University Accounting Services

Financial Reporting and Tax

Financial Reporting is responsible for coordinating and developing the campus financial data for the annual CSU Financial Statement and Single Audit. The team provides financial information for a variety of internal and external reports, maintains the capital asset infrastructure reporting requirements for the campus, and is responsible for all tax return filings.
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Financial Statements

Financial statements for Cal Poly Pomona are audited for consolidation into the CSU Systemwide financials. Financial information for each CSU campus is presented in the Supplementary Information section of the consolidated CSU Systemwide financials. Please visit the CSU Financial Statements website and select Consolidated Financial Statements under the "Statement Type" drop down menu, along with the applicable year by using the "Fiscal Year" drop down menu.

Capital Asset Accounting

Maintain the capital asset infrastructure reporting in compliance with CSU Legal Accounting and Reporting requirements and the CSU Capital Assets Guide, which provides guidance to campuses on establishing useful lives, categorizing assets into asset types, methods for depreciation/amortization, and componentization.

Tax Compliance

Tax reporting and compliance monitoring of various Federal and State tax laws, rules, and regulations. Areas of service include: Non-resident Alien Tax (NRA), State Non-resident Tax, Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT), Sales and Use Tax Reporting, and various U.S. tax filings.

Note: We cannot assist students/scholars with personal tax matters or questions. Any questions or concerns should be directed to a certified tax preparer.