University Accounting Services

Air Travel

  • Coach or any other discounted economy-class fare is to be booked by a traveler when traveling on University business. This applies to all travel, both domestic and international, regardless of the purpose or funding source.
  • A documented cost comparison must be attached to the expense claim/report when a traveler prefers to use a higher class than the one authorized for reimbursement for airfare. The cost comparison must use the same dates as the travel, not future dates.
  • The purchase of business or first-class, pre-boarding, travel insurance or other higher-cost services (upgrades) will not be reimbursed to the traveler.
  • The University will reimburse for the cost of checked baggage that is considered reasonable and necessary for the business purpose and length of the trip.
  • If changes to air travel/itinerary must be made by a traveler, and additional expenses are incurred, an explanation must be provided by the traveler in their Expense Claim Form/Report. Explanations must be business related or out of the traveler’s control.  The cost of change related to personal reasons will not be reimbursed.
  • Documentation of a boarding pass is no longer required to be submitted with a travelers expense claim/report.
  • Travel packages purchased through internet vendors, such as Expedia, typically do not itemize expenses. It is recommended that these internet vendors not be used to book business-related travel; unless the traveler has already confirmed that an itemized receipt can be obtained (e.g. itemized hotel charges, airfare, fees, etc.) to ensure appropriate documentation is included for reimbursement.
  • Original, itemized receipts, are required for all business travel related expenses of $75 or more. Receipts should be clearly marked “paid” or show a zero balance.  Payment method should be clearly identifiable on the itemized receipt.

Surface Transportation Used in Lieu of Air Travel

  • If approved in advance via the Authorization to Travel/Travel Request, travelers may use surface transportation even though air travel is the appropriate mode of transportation for their trip. A cost comparison is required to be submitted at the time advance approval is obtained, as well as included in the traveler’s Expense Claim Form/Report.  The traveler will be reimbursed for the lesser of the airfare or mileage.