University Accounting Services

Trust, Treasury and Cash Management Operations

Mission Statement

It is our mission to enhance the University's finance resources with reliable, comprehensive, and timely cash management services through the implementation and management of current banking and investment services technologies.

- Bridget Skvarna, Senior Accountant


  • Income Allocation which ensures appropriate distribution of earnings and preserves the accounting integrity of funds.
  • Redefined quarters which allow all CSU campuses to record investment earnings timely and consistently.
  • Quarters are defined as follows:
    • First Quarter: June, July, August
    • Second Quarter: September, October, November
    • Third Quarter: December, January, February
    • Fourth Quarter:  March, April, May
  • Coordinate with Chancellor's Office (CO) and State Controller's Office (SCO).
  • State interest payback method of allocating and recording has been updated to maintain controls between CO and the campuses.

Revenue Management Program (RMP)

The implementation of the CSU Revenue Management Program (RMP) provides an opportunity for CSU and Cal Poly Pomona University to review a significant portion of its current business processes and modify them, if necessary, to achieve more efficient results. New systemwide standards will be established to enable campuses to share training, business process guides, other documentation, and application solutions.

PeopleSoft Upgrade Coordination

  • System Maintenance
    • Accounts
    • Funds
    • Combo Edits