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Facilities Business Services Organizational Chart


Business Services supports the managers and staff of Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) by coordinating and managing the day-to-day business activities of the department. Primary responsibilities include budget oversight; purchasing and processing payments for all facility maintenance, renovation, and new construction; maintaining the department's computer network, website, and maintenance management software; and providing administrative support to the Senior Associate Vice President, the directors, and the managers of FP&M. Although the responsibilities are varied, the team works toward the common goal to provide efficient, accurate, and professional services and to facilitate and support the department's core activities and goals.

The team consists of Financial Services, Customer Service Center, Administrative Services, Human Resources/Payroll Services/Organizational Development, Communications and Warehouse Services

What We Do

The units are designed to provide exceptional stewardship of facilities and operations through collaborative, transparent, and effective leadership and administration. The department values internal and external communication, process improvement, organizational effectiveness, transparency, customer service, expertise and quality.

The Finance team works with FP&M staff and other campus divisions to provide effective leadership and guidance in the budgeting and allocation of Facilities financial resources. The team is committed to providing exceptional services to all stakeholders in the campus community while maintaining sound financial decisions that support the department as part of the university's strategic priorities.

The department is responsible for the preparation of FP&M’s budgets, monitoring of expenditures, creation and support on procurement needs, and submission of quarterly reviews and budget reports to University Accounting Services, Budget Services, The Chancellor’s Office, and all internal Facilities departments.es.

The Customer Service Center (CSC) responds to requests for services and acts as the liaison between university stakeholders and Facilities. The CSC is the hub of FP&M operations. All requests for routine, non-routine, and emergency services are coordinated through this unit. The CSC processes work requests from the campus community and distributes them to the appropriate trades staff, including chargeback invoices. Work cannot be initiated by FP&M until a work order is issued, unless it is an emergency or fire, life, safety issue. Work requests can be received by phone, fax, or email.

Facilities Administrative Services is the support unit for FP&M operations, providing financial, human resources, information technology and customer services.

Human Resources

Provides support services to approximately 160 employees within FP&M. Assistance is given to employees by providing them with their available vacation and sick leave accruals, overtime and CTO, and Workman’s Compensation injury reports. The department also provides recruitment guidance for all FP&M departments. Visit the Career Opportunities webpage for a complete listing of jobs at CPP.

The team acts as a liaison and coordinates these functions with the university's Human Resources department. For more information on benefits, HR forms, classification/compensation, visit the Human Resources website. The department is committed to providing top-quality HR services and assistance to all FP&M employees.

Payroll Services

Prepares attendance reports and employee payroll reports, tracks employees leave balances, and prepares dock reports for managers. All Family Medical Leave and other related documents also are tracked.

The team acts as a liaison and coordinates these functions with the university's Payroll department. For more information on salary schedule, direct deposit, forms, calendar/deadlines, visit the university's Payroll website.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development is responsible for initiatives that facilitate career advancement for FP&M staff and professional growth and development. To support the Campus Strategic Plan, Initiative 5 to advance organizational development and employee excellence, the department’s objective is to invest in personnel by offering a range of personal and professional development opportunities tailored to specific roles and pathways for career advancement.

FP&M promotes an innovative learn-by-doing ethos that is grounded in elements that only a polytechnic education can offer with a multi-disciplinary approach that makes students career-qualified and life-ready. The hiring pipeline shepherds students from part-time workers to become full-time colleagues. From working in the HVAC Shop to the Customer Service Center, students constantly learn by doing.

Facilities communications informs the campus community about capital projects and other construction work that could pose potential health and safety concerns and impact the daily routines of students, faculty and staff. The work of Facilities Planning & Management is further communicated in the form of external publications and an internal newsletter. Communication vehicles include Newsbreak emails, postings on The Compass, the PolyCentric news website and social media. Communications creates the Shop Talk newsletter for internal FP&M staff to share operational changes, policies and procedures, and staff service awards and recognition. 

Serves as the “central store” for the various units within FP&M. Inventory consists of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, automotive, irrigation, and custodial supplies needed by the employees of FP&M. The warehouse also receives materials ordered by FP&M for campus projects and reconciles inbound shipments against work orders and purchase orders and verifies quality and quantity of items. The warehouse maintains and updates material orders within the CMMS database (TMA) to maintain warehouse inventory records and control on-hand inventory.