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The Cal Poly Pomona Learn Through Discovery Program (LTD) Projects Hatchery promotes student success through undergraduate research, innovation, and community engagement. Visit the LTD Projects Hatchery website to learn more.

Cailin Kuchenbecker

Cailin Kuchenbecker is a second year Master of Business Administration student graduating in Spring 2021. Cailin is one of three members on Team Insights, which is a Projects Hatchery team that investigates the effectiveness of student participation in the College of Business Administration’s Business Research Panel. She joined Projects Hatchery in Fall 2019 with her colleagues from the Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing.

Projects Hatchery has provided Cailin with a supportive, safe, and creative environment to explore her research ideas without fear of judgement. She credits the program’s coordinators, advisors, and her faculty mentor for helping her think outside the box by offering a multitude of resources for her research project. Her favorite part of the program is its interdisciplinary nature.

“One minute you are learning about converting gas-powered dirt bikes to electric power and in the next minute you are immersed in nutrition education for veterans; the program exposes you to so many fields and allows you to see issues from another perspective,” Cailin states.

Thanks to research opportunities provided by programs like the Office of Undergraduate Research’s Projects Hatchery and the Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing, Cailin was accepted into several prestigious PhD programs for Fall 2021 in Communication and Psychology.

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Michael Pham

Michael Pham is a third year Aerospace Engineer, representative for the BLADE project within the Projects Hatchery, and chief engineer on BroncoSat-1 - Cal Poly Pomona's first space mission.  

Michael has been with the Projects Hatchery for almost two full academic years now, primarily representing the BLADE (Balloon Launch Assessment Directive for Everyone) project. The cornerstone of the BLADE project is providing an avenue for students across science, engineering, and technology fields to gain hands on experience by dreaming, designing, and building unique experiments to fly to 100,000ft within their first year at CPP. Team BLADE has been working hard to put together the hardware and curriculum to provide these opportunities at the edge of space for new CPP students since Fall 2019!   

The Projects Hatchery has shown Michael two important aspects that he says enhanced his undergraduate experience. First he appreciates that the Projects Hatchery is a community of students following their passions and bringing their personal inspirations to life. 

“It is easy, especially in an intensive field like Aerospace, to become trapped in a sort of Engineering bubble once you've passed your GE classes,” states Micheal.  “Being able to come to the monthly Hatchery meetings to hear about and keep up with work being done across all fields from the sciences to societies has been incredibly valuable.”  

Secondly, Michael says he appreciates that the Projects Hatchery provides students clear and open pathways to refine and receive support for their personal projects.  

“The ability to really pursue topics and fields that you are personally interested and passionate in not only encourages incredible work, but also makes incredible leaders by allowing students to carve their own path to a career,” adds Michael.  

After graduation, Michael plans to keep on working on projects that enable the next generation scientists, engineers, and explorers to reach for and be a part of the next great "firsts." Ideally, he will continue working in the Aerospace field (with a strong emphasis on the Space side!), particularly in the university space to continue to enable more and more people to be able to take the first step towards the Final Frontier.

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Tehreem Raza

Tehreem Raza is a senior Mechanical Engineering student at Cal Poly Pomona, graduating in May 2021. Her research project with the Hatchery is called, "A Constitutive Model of PLG 10-90 for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction.” Her team is known as Team Green and their current goal is to perform mechanical analysis on a biopolymer that could redefine the way people currently repair ACL injuries. 

“I have been part of the Projects Hatchery since Spring 2019, and it has been an amazing journey so far,” states Tehreem. “The academic and intellectual support for not just my project but even for my own personal growth has been very helpful in shaping my undergraduate journey at Cal Poly Pomona.” 

Her plans after graduation include pursuing a Master's degree and eventually a PhD in materials science. 

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Phase III Teams

Blackhawk Landslide

Team Members: Jonathon Martinez, Alejandro Razo, Ashley Rivera, Kelli Scott
Jascha Polet


Team Members: Nathaniel Hebert, Aaron Lowe, Benjamin Narita, Michael Pham, William McKinney, Gustavo Salgado
Mentor: Eduardo Corpuz

CPP Hyperloop

Team Members: Sevag Bosnoyan, Kevin Huynh, Edoardo Rossi
Mentor: Tarek Elsharhawy

Cross-Cultural Reasoning

Team Members: Luis Jarrin
Mentor: Randy Stein

Cut the Bias

Team Members: Hailey Arzaga, Valerie Marquez, Jay Ramzy, Marmar Tavasol
Mentor: Alex Madva

Decision-Making Lab

Team Members: Caroline Meyeroshn
Mentor: Randy Stein

Dos Palmas

Team Members: Raul Contreras, Stacey Petrashek, Nathan Pulver
Mentor: Jascha Polet

Team Flu

Team Members: Connor Kunihiro, Alexis Crayton, Gift Panavaravatn
Mentor: Jill Adler-Moore

Team Green

Team Members: Jessica Damon, Alba Delgadillo (not pictured), Tim Ebiner, Jaselinne Garcia, Raza Tehreem
Mentor: Mehrdad Haghi

Guardian Bugs

Team Members: Nathan Ma
Mentor: HyungChul Han

Team Insights

Team Members: Cailin Kuchenbecker, Guillermo Marquez, Mitchell Pickering
Mentor: Jae Min Jung


Team Members: Ho Lun Chan, Janam Dave, Sammi Lei
Mentor: Jill Adler-Moore

Partner: Richard Johnston

Locals Only

Team Members: Stephanie Munoz, Jilian Munoz, Jarrod Griffin
Mentor: Jae Min Jung

LV Bottle

Team Members: Stephen Lin
Mentor: Mariappan Jawaharlal
Partners: Rashon Velmont, Sebastian Velmont

The Purifiers

Team Members: Bethany Aronson, Alex Gresham
Mentor: Andrea Bonisoli-Alquati

Reaching High

Team Members: LT Pavlatos
Mentor: Kevin Autry

Research Team #1

Team Members: Tovin Schwartz
Mentor: Randy Stein

Super eMoto

Team Members: Rachel Hansen, Cristofer Mayers, Owen Wilkening
Mentor: Nolan Tsuchiya


Team Members: Suhani Bhakta, Emely Giron
Mentor: Frances Mercer

Veterans Nutrition

Team Members: Sommarani Chan, Rosangela Odgers
Mentor: Elke Azpeitia