IO Equipment


Machines that require minimal technical/safety instructions and don’t deal with live voltage.


Machines that have pinch-points, deal with toxic chemicals and harsh solvents, and pose the risk of permanent injury.


Dangerous machines that have exposed non-reciprocating blades.

Dremel Rotary Tool

An extremely versatile, handheld tool that can be used to grind, cut, sand, bore, rough out, and finish small parts.
Dremel Rotary Tool

24" Plotter Cutter

A large format machine that cuts shapes out of paper and vinyl.
Plotter Cutter

Dewalt Power Drill

A handheld tool used to drive screws, drill holes, and loosen/tighten bolts.
Dewalt Power Drill

Drill Press  (Workshop)

A machine used to create precise, vertical holes in materials.
Drill Press

Jig Saw   (Workshop)

A powered hand tool with a reciprocating blade that is used to cut internal shapes or decorative pieces out of sheet material.
Jig Saw

Scroll Saw   (Workshop)

A narrow-bladed reciprocating saw used for cutting decorative lines or fine detail into materials.
Scroll Saw

Sawzall   (Workshop)

A handheld reciprocating saw used to rough-cut stock material to size and shape.

Laguna Laser Cutter   (Workshop)

A machine that uses a high power laser to cut and/or etch different materials into any two-dimensional shape.
Laguna Laser Cutter

Circular Saw   (Workshop)

A handheld power saw used to make long cuts in sheet materials.
Circular Saw

Hercules Miter Saw   (Workshop)

A versatile cutting saw used to cut long stock pieces to different lengths and angles.
Miter Saw

Laguna Band Saw   (Workshop)

A powerful, freestanding machine used to rip long materials and make quick, accurate cuts in nearly any material.
Laguna Band Saw

Soldering Iron

A handheld tool used to create strong electrical connections by melting soldering wire.
Soldering Iron

Orbital Sanders

A handheld, oscillating, sanding tool used to quickly and evenly rough out or finish objects from medium to large sizes.
Orbital Sander

Belt Sander   (Workshop)

A high-torque machine with two sanding attachments that can be used to sharpen, shape, clean or finish parts.
Belt Sander

Planer   (Workshop)

A machine used to strip wood planks to specified thicknesses.

Bench Grinder   (Workshop)

A machine used to debur, rough out shapes, and grind objects made of metal.
Bench Grinder

Angle Grinder   (Workshop)

A handheld power tool used for grinding, cutting and/or polishing.
Angle Grinder

Mini Lathe   (Workshop)

A machine that rotates hard-stock materials, such as metals and plastics, at a high RPM to be shaped by a stationary cutting tool.
Mini Lathe

CNC Router

A computer-controlled machine which can be used to cut any two-dimensional shape into metal, wood, or plastic.
CNC Router

Router Table

A specialty-designed table used to rout out grooves, channels, fillets and chamfers.
Router Table

CNC Mill

A computer controlled machine that can be used to cut three-dimensional shapes into metal, wood, or plastic.
CNC Mill

Wood Turning Machine   (Workshop)

A machine that rotates soft stock materials, such as wood and resins, at a high RPM to be shaped by a handheld cutting tool called a gouge.
Wood Turning Machine

Craftbot Plus

A medium-format 3D printer capable of printing up to 10" x 8" x 8".
Craftbot Plus

Printrbot Raise3D Pro2 Plus

A large-format, dual-head 3D printer that can print two different materials at the same time. It is capable of printing up to 12" x 12" x 24".
Printrbot Raise3D Pro2 Plus

Formlabs SLA Printer

A small-format resin 3D printer that has a dimensional accuracy of up to ten microns and is capable of printing up to 5" x 5" x 5".
Formlabs SLA Printer

Heat Press

A type of press that heats up enough to permanently adhere vinyl to fabrics, ceramics, and other materials.
Heat Press

24" Canon Inkjet Printer

A large format inkjet printer that can print a multitude of materials including vinyl, photo paper, and sticker paper. It is capable of printing pages up to 2" x 96".
Canon Inkjet Printer

EinScan Pro+ 3D Scanner

A handheld and desktop device used to scan 3D objects in order to turn them into a file that can be put onto a computer.
Einscan Pro+ 3D Scanner

Vaquform Machine

A machine that creates medium-detail molds of objects by heating plastic and pulling a vacuum beneath it.
Vaquform Machine

Voltera V-One PCB printer

A rapid-prototyping tool used to create custom circuit boards.
Voltera PCB Printer