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Laser Cutter Workshop

Laguna Laser Cutter

A laser cutter is a machine that utilizes a high-power laser to cut precise designs from a given material using a CAD file as a guide. It has been used in industrial manufacturing of cars, aircrafts, ships, robots, and much more- and it isn't limited to only machine components. Laser cutting can also be used in art, sculpturing, and many other applications.

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Q: Can I cut food?
A: No. While the laser theoretically should have no issues cutting through food, it’s a contamination issue. It’s against the rules.

Q: Does the laser cut fabric?
A: Yes! It cuts it quite well, actually. Felt smells really bad when you cut it, however.

Q: Can I cut foam?
A: You can cut high density foams like EVA foam and pink project foam. Lower density foams like Styrofoam, however, are prohibited above half inch thickness due to fire hazards.

Q: Can I etch pictures?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I etch metal?
A: Technically yes, it doesn’t work super well. It leaves an oxide where you etched it if it’s bare metal. Painting, anodizing or powdercoating the metal first and then etching the paint off is the better option.