Information Technology & Institutional Planning


Printing, scanning, and copying requirements vary widely amongst the campus community.  Please contact IT&IP for any special requests or printing consultation. 

IT&IP recommends the use of larger enterprise multi-functional copiers (MFC) to centralize departmental printing needs, reduce operational costs, and standard support, training, and repair activities.  Please contact IT&IP for MFC device recommendations and leasing agreement reviews.  In general, Xerox and Ricoh models are recommended brands for large volume multi-feature printing devices.

For smaller office printing needs, please refer to the following list of recommended printers.  The printing devices below should be available from various campus resellers including the CSUBUY portal, the Bronco Bookstore, and other vendors.

Small Office Printer Recommendations

Recommended Printers: Features and pricing
Use Case Color Features Model Price (est.) Specification Sheet
My Office, Table Top B&W printer-only, A4, 40ppm HP 3001DWE $230 HP 3001DWE (pdf) HP 3001dwe printer
My Office, Table Top B&W all-in-one, A4, 40ppm HP M234DW $320 HP M234DW (PDF) HP M234DW printer
My Office, Table Top Color all-in-one, A4, 22ppm HP M283fdn $430 HP M283fdn (PDF) m283fdn printer
My Office, Table Top Color all-in-one, A4, 28ppm HP M480F $900 HP M480F (PDF) m479fdn printer
Dept/Shared Offices Color all-in-one, A4, 35ppm Xerox C405DN $1,100 Xerox C405DN (PDF) Xerox c405dn
Dept/Shared Offices Color all-in-one, A4, 45ppm HP MFP 5800F $3,100 HP MFP 5800F (PDF) mfp 5800f printer

Important: Printer devices that differ from the recommended models listed above or are purchased without the explicit approval of IT will not be supported by the Client Services department.  In such cases, IT will provide a "best effort" approach in supporting non-standard printing equipment.  To ensure your printer continues to operate within the campus client standard environment, please consult with IT before purchasing a new printer.