Pre-Professional Advising

Academic Advising

  •  How should you calculate your overall GPA and science GPA?

For applying to Medical schools, please follow the AMCAS Course Classification Guide (PDF) ;

For applying to Dental schools, please follow the ADEA AADSAS GPA Calculation Guide (PDF);

For applying to Pharmacy schools, please follow the PharmCAS GPA Calculation Guide;

For applying to Physician Assistant programs, Please follow the CASPA Course Classification Guide (PDF) and feel free to use this CASPA Science GPA Calculator (Excel) ;

For other professional programs, please visit  the Merced Pre-health advising webpage f or related information.

  • What courses should you take to prepare for professional school applications?

    Please visit  the Class Schedule and Action Timline page on this website for related information.


  • For general course schedule planning, graduation check & academic petition etc . , please contact your assigned college advisor. Additional resources in related to general advising can be found at the Biology Department  advising website


  • CPP Course Repetition Policy:
    • Undergraduate students are limited to 28 semester units of course repetition through regular enrollment.
    • Only grades of C-, D+, D, D- F, WU or IC may be repeated and forgiven (excluded from GPA calculation).
    • The course can be repeated no more than two times for a maximum of three attempts.
    • For detailed information, please visit 


  • Math : For 1-year Math, take MAT 1140 (Calculus I) and MAT 1150 (Calculus II). For 1-semester math, please take MAT 1200 (Calculus for Life Science). For additional details, click on the link " Math (PDF)". The decision to whether to take 1-year Calculus or 1-semester Calculus should be decided based on the prerequisites requirements imposed by the Professional schools that you are interested in applying to.


  • English : For 1-year English, take Eng 1101 or Eng 1103 (GE A-2) and Eng 2105 (GE A -3). This combination is required for the Master of Science in Physician Assistant program in College of Health Sciences at WesternU.


  • Human Anatomy : Starting Fall 2020,  BIO 2340/L have been approved by College of Pharmacy in WesternU to qualify for their Human Anatomy prepresiquite requirement  - students must take both lecture and lab (they are co-requisites anyway).