Pre-Professional Advising

CPP-Western DPT Linkage Program

CPP-Western-DPT-Linkage Program: This linkage program is designed to facilitate qualified applicants from California State Polytechnic University at Pomona (CPP) to successfully matriculate into the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Western University (WesternU) College of Health Sciences.


Who qualifies to apply to the Linkage Program?

CPP Students interested in applying for the Linkage program must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Current Cal Poly students who are in their senior year majoring in Kinesiology, Biomechanics, or Biology (have completed >75% or the required units for graduating);

  2. Legal US resident;

  3. Must have finished the following prerequisite courses, with the exception of no more than one science and one non-science prerequisite still in progress by Sept. 1 st of the year when applying for the Linkage program: 

      • 3 semester units of college English/English Composition: Ex. English Language Oral Communication (GE A-1); Written Communication (GE A-2); & Critical Thinking (GE A-3)

      • 1-year of Foundations of Biology with Labs (BIO 1210/L & BIO 1220/L)

      • 1-year of General/Inorganic Chemistry with Labs (CHM 1210/L & CHM 1220/L)*

      • 1-year of Physics (PHY 1210/L & PHY 1220/L)*

      • Human Anatomy with Lab (BIO 2340/L)*

      • Human Physiology with Lab (BIO 2350/L)*

      • Introductory Statistics (STA 1200 or STA 1300)

      • 6 semester units (2 courses) of Psychology with at least one taken from the psychology department (Abnormal and/or Developmental Psychology highly recommended)

    * Must have been completed no more than 7 years prior to final application to WesternU for matriculation / enrollment into the DPT program. 

  4. All prerequisites must be completed with a grade of “C” or better (a grade of “C-” or lower is not acceptable);

  5. Must have an overall GPA and Science GPA of 3.3 or above;

  6. For consideration in the linkage agreement, the applicant must have completed a minimum of 50 hours of observation in two or more physical therapy facilities and/or clinical settings. A minimum of 20 hours per facility or clinical setting is required.  In-patient hours are highly recommended.  In-patient settings include in-patient hospitals (acute, sub-acute/transitional care or rehab), skilled nursing facilities, extended care facilities and residential facilities (geriatric/pediatric). These observation hours only partially fulfill the observation requirement for admission into the WesternU DPT program. At the time when the applicant applies to the WesternU DPT program the applicant must have completed a minimum of 100 hours of observation in two or more physical therapy facilities and/or clinical settings.  A minimum of 40 hours per facility or clinical setting is required. 

How to apply to the Linkage Program?

  • Interested CPP students who meet the above criteria AND are applying to the WesternU-DPT program for matriculation in the upcoming year are encouraged to submit a pre-screening application (active April 1st - May 1st) .

  • Students will be selected based on their submitted pre-screening application and will be invited by an email from the Pre-professional advisor to submit an official Linkage application by June 1st . The complete linkage program application include the following items:

  1. A completed and signed “WesternU-CPP DPT Linkage program Application for Admission” form;

  2. A copy of the applicant’s CV/Resume;

  3. Personal Statement (500-1000 words, Times New Roman or Arial, font size 11);

    *Please address (1) why you are interested in the WesternU-DPT program; (2) What would you want us to know about you; (3) Any unique experiences, hardships or challenges that may have influenced or inspired you.

  4. An unofficial copy of the applicant’s transcript from CPP;

  5. Letter of Recommendation (optional).

 * Applicants may be offered a provisional interview to ensure they possess the professionalism, interpersonal communication skills, system-based attitude, empathy, community engagement, health-care related experiences, and academic ability commensurate with being successful in the WesternU-DPT program;

* The decision for acceptance into the Linkage program will be made by the WesternU-CPP DPT Linkage program committee. An acceptance letter to join the Linkage program will be emailed to selected applicants by the pre-professional advisor(s) at CPP by June 15th.


What does the Linkage Program offer?

  1. Linkage students will receive a guaranteed admission interview at WesternU;

  2. Linkage students will have opportunities to interact with WesternU faculty and students in the DPT program, including but not limited to a campus tour, lunch with WesternU students, attending lectures as guests, clinical shadowing experiences (shadowing experiences do not count as observation hours), research experiences, etc.


What happens after being accepted into the Linkage Program?

Students in the CPP-WesternU/CHS-DPT Linkage program must meet the following minimum requirements for final admission into WesternU Physical Therapy program:

  1. A baccalaureate degree must be conferred by the Spring term of the matriculation year (the year in which you will enroll in the WesternU DPT program);

  2. Have a cumulative GPA and Science GPA of 3.30 or above maintained through admission into the program;

  3. Completion of the PTCAS common application for Physical Therapy Schools by the November 1 deadline;

  4. Completion of the secondary materials required by the WesternU-DPT program, which include:

  5. Official Transcripts (in sealed, original envelopes); (part of the PTCAS application);

  6. Positive letters of recommendation from three individuals (from both college instructor/professor and Physical Therapist);

  7. Have a disciplinary record entirely free of felony convictions and free of violation of the standard of student conduct;

  8. Pass admission interview.