Pre-Professional Advising

Cal Poly Pomona - WCU School of Pharmacy Linkage Program



The California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona or CPP) and West Coast University (“WCU”) School of Pharmacy (“WCU SOP”) Linkage program is designed for Cal Poly Pomona students or Cal Poly Pomona alumni who wish to matriculate as candidates for the PharmD degree at West Coast University School of Pharmacy

How to Apply to the Linkage Program

Cal Poly Pomona Students or Alumni interested in applying for the Cal Poly Pomona-WCU SOP PharmD Linkage Program should apply to the Linkage program by September 1, one year prior to anticipated matriculation into the PharmD degree program, by submitting the following information to

  • An unofficial transcript.

  • A resume that demonstrates both academic experiences as well as non-academic experiences (e.g., leadership, extracurricular or volunteer activities; community engagement; pharmacy or employment experience).

  • A personal statement. In one page, the candidate should provide a personal statement that addresses their interest in pharmacy as a career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to their immediate and long-term professional goals. Candidates should describe how their personal, educational, and professional background will help them to achieve their stated goals. It is important for the candidate to discuss life experiences, or challenges, as well as their motivation for pursuing the pharmacy profession.


What the Linkage Program Offers

  • CPP students or alumni who are accepted into the Linkage Program are guaranteed a matriculation interview and considered for acceptance by the WCU SOP Admissions Committee.

  • WCU-SOP offers and provides admissions counseling to Linkage Program candidates about the PharmD program admission requirements and all admission policies as outlined in the WCU University catalog.

  • WCU-SOP offers and provides opportunities for Linkage Program candidates to interact with WCU SOP PharmD faculty and students, including but not limited to a campus tour, invitation to attend campus or online events as guests, etc.


Requirements for Final Admission to WCU SOP

Students in the Cal Poly Pomona-WCU SOP/PharmD Linkage Program must meet the following minimum requirements for final admission into the West Coast University PharmD program:

  • All prerequisite courses listed in Exhibit A must be completed by the end of the Spring term (or June 15th of the matriculation year at the latest) prior to matriculation.

  • A preferred minimum Cumulative GPA and Math/Science GPA of 2.5 to matriculate into the PharmD program.

  • Completion of a PharmCAS application to West Coast University School of Pharmacy by June 1 st of the matriculation year in which the candidate anticipates fall matriculation at West Coast University.

  • Two letters of recommendation:

    • One (1) letter from a math/science professor, and one (1) from a pharmacist (supervisor), employer (supervisor), healthcare professional (supervisor), math/science professor, or liberal arts professor.

  • All candidates shall complete a contemporaneous essay at the time of the PharmD admission interview and must pass the admission interview at a satisfactory level.


Exhibit A:   Course requirements for entry into the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at West Coast University


WCU Doctor of Pharmacy Prerequisite Course Requirements

Cal Poly Pomona Course Equivalents

Two (2) courses in General Chemistry (four semester credit hours each, including a lab)

CHM 1210/1210L & CHM1220/1220L

Two (2) courses in Organic Chemistry (four semester credit hours each including a lab)

CHM 3140/3140L & CHM 3150/3150L

Two (2) courses in General Biology (with Cell Biology) (four semester credit hours each including a lab)

BIO 1210/1210L& BIO 1220/1220L

One (1) course in Human/Mammalian Physiology (three semester credit hours each including lab)

BIO 2350/2350L

One (1) course in Human Anatomy (three semester credit hours each including a lab)

BIO 2340/2340L

One (1) course in Microbiology (three semester credit hours each including a lab)

BIO 2060 or BIO 5600

One (1) course in Biochemistry (three semester credit hours each)

CHM 3210 or (CHM 3270 and CHM 3280)

One (1) course in Economics (Micro, Macro, or General) (three semester credit hours)

ECON 1 or ECON 2

One (1) course in Calculus (with Analytical Geometry) (three semester credit hours)

MAT 1140 or MAT 1200

One (1) course in Statistics (three semester credit hours)

STA 1200 or STA 1300

One (1) course in Speech Communication/Public Speaking/Interpersonal Communication or Debate (three semester credit hours)

COM 1100 (or any CSU GE A1)

Two (2) courses in English Composition (three semester credit hours each)


One (1) course in Psychology or Sociology (three semester credit hours)

PSY 2201 or SOC 2201

Two (2) courses in Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences (three semester credit hours each)

CSU GE Areas C2 or D