Pre-Professional Advising

Office Hours and Contact Information

  • Join Preprofessional Student Group Email List

    If you would like to join the CPP pre-professional student group email list to receive updated news and events, please fill out our  simple google formPlease note: you must use a valid CPP email address in order to be added to the email list.

  • Outcome Report for Professional School Acceptance

    If you have been accepted into any professional schools ( MS or PhD graduate school, medical school, dental school, PA program, Pharmacy….), congratulations!  To keep in touch, we invite you to fill out this form.

  • Office Hours During Academic Year
    • You are strongly encouraged to review the information posted on this Preprofessional Advising website prior to seeking appointments with the Preprofessional advisor:  

      • For guidance on what classes to take and when to start volunteering or research activities , please visit Class Schedule and Action Timeline. We also have established linkage/pipeline programs with Western University (Western U), West Coast University (WCU) and California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM) - to learn more, please visit check out the individual propgrams listed in the navigation bar. 

      • For email inquires, please make sure that you use your email address  - emails sent from a non-CPP service  (yahoo, gmail etc.) may be automatically filtered out by email security screen.

    • Sp2024 (01/19/2024 - 05/24/2024) office hours: Thursdays 12 - 2 PM

      Office hours are hosted by Zoom meeting. Please fill out the  appointment form  (Appointment is recommended to be booked at least 2 full days in advance of your desired day/time  - appointment confirmation email is sent from the Preprofessional advisor every Thursday. Please remember to check your CPP email on Wednesday so you do not miss your appointment).  If you are interested in the events listed below, please use the same LINK to sign up and simply indicate the specific event under "Please briefly state the purpose of appointment".

    • Upcoming events (please use the LINK above to sign up for the events below to receive Zoom Link info):
    1.  1. Thursday, Feb. 29th, 2024 - 12 - 1 PM  Graduate Health Admissions Workshop: The A-Z of Post-baccalaurate Programs  by Dr. Joon Kim, EdD, director of postbacc premed and pre-PA programs at KGI. This workshop will focus on how to think about your educational journey towards medical, dental, PA, and other health professional programs and to learn how to evaluate programs to make an informed decision.  

    2. 2.  Thursday, April. 25th, 2024 -  12 - 1 PM Clinical Laboratory Scientists Program and Career Path  by David T. Luong, MLS(ASCP),  Section Manager, Education and Training, Kaiser Permanente TPMG Regional Laboratory & Seok Jin (Eric) Lee, CLS, MS (CPP alum). 


  • Winter break and Summer Pre-Professional Advising
    • Pre-professional advising including email response is not provided during winter break or the summer months. You could however contact the College of Science Staff Advisors should you have any general academic advising questions. Here is a link to their website:  College of Science Advising Center.