Pre-Professional Advising Home Page


Are you obtaining a bachelor's degree at Cal Poly Pomona? Is your long-term goal to obtain a PhD, MD, DDS, or other type of post-baccalaureate degree? If the answers to both are "yes", you are welcome to seek out our Pre-Professional Advising service, which is intended to help guide students in gaining access to professional schools after graduation. For one-on-one advising, please visit Dr. Zhao during office hours.

Dr. Yuanxiang (Ansel) Zhao
Professor and Pre-Professional Advisor


The following services are offered to interested Cal Poly Pomona students with active CPP email accounts:

  • Advising on academic prerequisites for professional schools
  • Advising on extracurriculum activities (research, internship, volunteer work, leadership role etc.)
  • Serving as the liaison between students and any established linkage/pipeline programs with professional schools
  • Personal statement and resume review

The advising areas include:

Each program and each Institution has its own prerequisites. The general admission course prerequisites include the following:

  • 1 year of English
  • 1 year of general biology with laboratory
  • 1 year of general (inorganic) chemistry with laboratory
  • 1 year of organic chemistry with laboratory
  • 1 year of physics with laboratory
  • Highly recommended courses include Biochemistry, Genetics, Cell Molecular Biology and Physiology