Pre-Professional Advising


Are you obtaining a bachelor's degree at Cal Poly Pomona? Is your long-term goal to obtain a PhD, MD, DDS, or other type of post-baccalaureate degree? If the answers to both are "yes", you are welcome to seek out our Pre-Professional Advising service, which is intended to help guide students in gaining access to professional schools after graduation. For one-on-one advising, please visit  Dr. Zhao during office hours.

Dr. Yuanxiang (Ansel) Zhao
Professor and Pre-Professional Advisor


CPP Preprofessional Advising Student Guide:

For students who are new to preprofessional advising, please follow this guideline(PDF) to get started. 


The following services are offered to interested Cal Poly Pomona students with active CPP email accounts:

  • Advising on academic prerequisites for professional schools
  • Advising on extracurriculum activities (research, internship, volunteer work, leadership role etc.)
  • Serving as the liaison between students and any established linkage/pipeline programs with professional schools
  • Personal statement and resume review


The advising areas include: