Astronomy Program

Come learn about the Universe!

The Cal Poly Pomona Astronomy program provides opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of how the universe works, from how stars and planets form, to how galaxies get their structure, to the ultimate questions of the structure and fate of the entire universe.

The Astronomy program at Cal Poly Pomona offers courses, opportunities to become involved in basic research, and a thriving community of like-minded students and faculty, all working together to explore!

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Students grouped up in a circle, discussing.The CPP Astronomy program offers a variety of courses to satisfy your curiosity to know more about the Universe, from GE courses for everyone, to upper division courses for physics majors and others who have taken the first two years of the physics sequence (including physics and astronomy minors).

Students from other majors besides Physics, with an interest in astronomy, can also minor in Astronomy.

Astronomy Students

Four Cal Poly Pomona StudentsCal Poly Pomona astronomy students form a tight-knit community that shares the excitement and wonder of studying the universe in class and through their research. 

Photo at right: Four Cal Poly Pomona students at Mt. Graham Observatory in Arizona.

Astronomy Research

Nicole Sanchez ’14There are numerous opportunities to engage in research in astronomy with faculty at Cal Poly Pomona. 

Photo at left: Nicole Sanchez ’14, posing in front of the 12-m radio telescope she used for her research working with Dr. Matt Povich of CPP.

California-Arizona Minority Partnership for Astronomy Research and Education

students doing various activities.

The CAMPARE summer research program offers opportunities for CPP students to engage in meaningful research in astronomy, planetary science, and astrobiology at one of 11 world-class research sites. 


The inaugural 2014 class of Cal-Bridge Scholars.Cal-Bridge is a joint CSU-UC program, which provides scholarships, mentoring, and professional development for physics majors strongly motivated to pursue a PhD in astronomy. 

Photo at right: The inaugural 2014 class of Cal-Bridge Scholars.

Astronomy Careers

The 2014 graduating class of astronomy studentsThere are a wide variety of astronomy careers. 

Photo at left: The 2014 graduating class of astronomy students with Dr. Alex Rudolph and Dr. Matt Povich, astronomy faculty at Cal Poly Pomona.