Advising Information & Procedures


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Advising Information & Procedures

In a normal semester,you would meet with your faculty advisor before registering for your Fall semester, and only she/he could clear a hold on your registration to add classes . Before registering for Spring Semester meeting with your advisor is optional, except those students with GPAs below 2.5 who will meet with an advisor every semester to clear registration hold.


Ideally though, you really should meet with your faculty advisor every single semester to make sure you’re on the right track.  This could be very useful to you to discuss things such as your Spring 2022 study plans, or your career plans. If, however, you wish to meet with your personal faculty advisor this semester or next, you may do so.  


Continuing students- Students who began before Fall 2020

If you wish to meet your faculty advisor, we encourage you to look up the name of that advisor and make an appointment to see her/him.  It’s best to have a plan for what you believe you should be studying next term.   Please do the following before seeing your faculty advisor.

  • Make a list of the courses you wish to take next term, and be prepared to share it with her/him.
  • Be prepared to show your faculty advisor a copy of your unofficial transcript.


To find your physics faculty advisor, you can do so using the last four digits of your bronco ID from the department advisor website which becomes available on our department website near the Add/Drop period.   This list gets updated as the year progresses.  If you don’t see it, just revisit soon.  If you find a list there, but cannot find your name, please email us in the department: 


At-Risk, Probation, Probation w/ Contract Students 

For any COS student who finds themselves at-risk, on probation, or on probation w/ contract, they must also complete a Blackboard module called "Getting Back On Track" and pass the workshop quiz with a 10/12. For at-risk students, the hold will be removed within 48 hours and they do not have to meet with an advisor. For Probation and Probation w/ Contract students they must complete the online module, pass the quiz, and schedule an appointment with the Retention & Graduation Specialist, Vannessa Lopez.


Overall Advising Tips/ Reminders:

  • Priority Registration for Spring 2022 will be held October  11th - 12th. General Registration will begin October 13th . Your specific registration date and time will be posted to your BroncoDirect account before registration begins.
  • Keep checking your CPP email to stay in the know!
  • Please follow the College of Science Advising Center atcpp_sciadvising on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Please also be sure to check out the COS Advising Center website for important updates.



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