Educational Leadership Department


"Learn by Doing" 

The Administrative Leadership program at Cal Poly Pomona is comprised of several elements including the Preliminary & Clear Administrative Credential offerings, access to a quality doctoral program with an emphasis on K-12 public school leadership and a Masters in Educational Leadership.  Both credential programs have—and continue—to change in recognition of recent CCTC changes in credential requirements which include a possible CalAPA exam to begin in 2019, the revision of administrative credential standards and Cal Poly’s transition to a semester-based calendar in August 2018.  Currently the clear credential program (the old Tier II) is on hiatus and the preliminary credential program (the old Tier I) incorporated a significant format change modeled after a highly successful experimental Preliminary ASC program that Cal Poly Pomona and Pomona USD operated under a federal grant for five years entitled the “Great Leaders for Great Schools Academy” or GLGSA.  In developing a “Community of Leaders,” the focus of the Preliminary ASC program includes:

  • a thematically integrated, problem-based curriculum focused on real world problems and issues and the application of relevant academic theories and concepts;
  • a curriculum designed to leverage the workplace through fieldwork and a schoolwide change initiative project as a key medium for leadership development by providing learning activities designed to confront students with problems (and their solutions) commonly experienced by school leaders; and,
  • regularly scheduled presentations that provide focused, skill-based, timely and in-depth examinations of the administrator proficiencies/competencies set forth in the credential standards CAPEs & CPSELs).

Our Mission

  1. Prepare qualified candidates to become outstanding educational leaders for our nation's students and public schools.
  2. Produce graduates who possess the cognitive, affective, and leadership skills that will enable them to perform effectively in a variety of educational leadership roles.
  3. Develop instructional leaders who can work productively with school districts, other educational agencies, communities, and businesses to seek creative and effective resources and strategies for providing high quality educational experiences for all students.
  4. Contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge and policies in the field of educational leadership.

Preparing a “Community of Leaders” 

 The goal of the Program is to provide candidates with personal services and instruction comparable to any other institution of higher education.  This goal will be enhanced by the shift in format modeled after the GLGSA program with its problem-based learning model which embodies the University’s mission of “learning by doing.”  Furthermore, the programs are aligned to the California Administrator Proficiency Expectations (CAPEs) and the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs) for the clear administrative credential.  The Conceptual Design for the Program calls for excellence in the delivery of instruction in both credential programs as well as the Masters and the Ed.D. programs.

Our graduates will be assuming responsibilities that will impact the education of all students and therefore, the Program Advisory Committee has advocated the admission of only candidates who have been identified as successful classroom teachers with a minimum of five-years experience and who reflect the qualities associated with superior educational leadership.