Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center (DRC), a department within the cluster of Campus Health and Wellbeing in the Division of Student Affairs, is the office charged by the university to provide accommodations and support services to students with disabilities to ensure equal or equivalent access and opportunity to all campus programs, services, and activities whether they are curricular or co-curricular.  The DRC currently serves over 815 students, with 87% having non-apparent disabilities.  Accommodations provided include testing, alternate format, notetaking, interpreting/captioning, and mobility assistance. Although the DRC’s primary focus is accommodative services, the DRC also provides individualized guidance to students to address their disability-related, academic, and psychosocial barriers frequently encountered by postsecondary students with disabilities.  The DRC’s dual focus on providing both accommodations and supplemental advising allows DRC students to be fully equipped with the resources necessary to ensure student success. 


DRC Online Services

DRC uses an integrated online system for students to access their accommodations.
Go to: DRC Online Services

Getting Started: Register with DRC

Students with documented disabilities interested in registering with DRC.
Go to: Apply for DRC Services

Accommodations and Services

An overview of the different accommodations that may be approved.
Go to: Accommodations and Services

Disability Documentation

To receive accommodations and services, the student completes the DRC registration process which includes submission of appropriate disability documentation.
Go to: Disability Documentation

Faculty Resources

Faculty play an integral role in ensuring access to CPP students. 
Go to: Faculty Resources

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