Prepaid Travel

You have several alternatives to prepay some of your travel expenses by selecting one of the following: the American Express Personal Liability Travel Card, personal credit card, or Direct Pay.

  • US Bank Personal Liability Travel Card
    • Preferred method of prepayment for airfares, hotel, car rental, and conference or registration fees
    • You can be reimbursed prior to travel following the standard travel expense claim procedures
  • Personal Credit Card 
    • University cannot reimburse the expense until after the travel has been completed due to internal control
      • For state contracted rate for rental car, use the state US Bank Personal Liability Travel Card
  • Direct Pay 
    • Alternatively, prepayment of airfare and/or conference registration fees may be made utilizing this process
    • Accounts Payable can send a payment by check directly to the conference or travel agent on the traveler's behalf.

NOTE: In all cases, prepaid items must be included and reconciled on the final travel expense claim.