How to Set-up an Application Folder

This information pertains only to Cal Poly Pomona students

To Set-up an Application Folder

  1. Make an appointment with Ruth Partlow, the Administrative Support Coordinator for Pre-Professional Advising:
    • Ruth Partlow, Administrative Support Coordinator
      Biological Sciences Department.
      Office Location: 8-119
      Telephone: 1 909 869 4038
      Fax: 909-869-4078
  2. Obtain from Ruth the Folder Setup Information Sheet 1 and 2 (S1 and S2). Read, sign, date and return these to Ruth.
  3. Once you know who you are going to ask for references, get a copy(s) of Accompanying Letter (S5) from Ruth and give one to each of your references.
  4. You will also need to submit Waiver Form (S3) and Personal Information Sheet 4 (S4) filling in as much information as you can and return these to Ruth (both S3 and S4 are available from Ruth). If you get more information later on, or if you want to update your information, send an email to Ruth to update.
  5. All correspondence with Ruth must be through email and must include the subject heading line “Pre-Professional: ” for filing purposes.

It is important to plan ahead and to pay attention to the following:

  • Allow at least 3 weeks for your references to write your letter of recommendation. Try to complete all these during the quarter, not during the break. For example, if you plan to submit your application in July, you need to start working on your application folder in May.
  • Once all the letters have been received by Ruth Parlow, you need to allow at least 2 weeks of processing time for her to send out the application. There are no exception to this.
  • Letter for references (DOC)