Post-baccalaureate degree: PharmD

Pharmacists are health care professionals who dispense medications prescribed by physicians. They also counsel patients on proper drug use. Pharmacists work in a variety of settings including hospitals, retail businesses, long-term care facilities, internet pharmacies, and public health services.

Minimum Pre-requisites for Admission

  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution is recommended
  • Each program has its own prerequisites. Check specific school for detail prerequisites.
  • General Course prerequisites include the following:
    • 1 year of English (Composition)
    • 1 year of General (inorganic) Chemistry with Laboratory (Chm 121/L, 122/L and 123/L)
    • 1 year of Organic Chemistry with Laboratory (Chm 314/317L, 315/318L, 316/319L)
    • 1 year of Biochemistry (Chm 327/L, 328/L, 329/L)
    • 1 year of General Biology with Laboratory (Bio 121/L, 122/L, 123/L)
    • 1 year of Physics with Laboratory (Phy 121/L, 122/L, 123/L)
    • Calculus (2 courses)
    • Com 100 or 204 and Com 103 (two speech courses)
  • Other common requirements include (but are not limited to):
    • Internship and research
    • Human Anatomy (Zoo 234/234L) and Physiology (Zoo 235/235L) ( no plant or cell anatomy and pysiology)
    • Microbiology with lab (Mic 201/L)
    • Social sciences (Economics, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology)
    • Humanities (History, Philosophy)
    • Additional Communication (Any additional communication, public speaking or debate courses)
    • Ethnic studies · Computer Literacy

Tests Needed: Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)

October or February, required by most schools


American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
426 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-2841.

Application Service

Pharmacy College Application Service (PHARMCAS)

Open for application for coming admission in May

California Pharmacy Schools

Pharmacy School Applications and Pharmacy Tech Applications

Pharmacy School Application

Pharm Tech Application

Pharmacy Application Process and Interviews

Pharmacy Supplemantal Questions

Possible Local Internship Programs


Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
Volunteer Department
1798 North Garey Avenue
Pomona, CA 91767
(909) 865-9669

Citrus Valley Health Partners

Citrus Valley Health/Hospice
820 North Phillips Avenue
West Covina
Volunteer Services Manager: Janene House
626/859-2266 ext. 10348

Citrus Valley Medical Center
Queen of the Valley Campus
1115 South Sunset Avenue
West Covina, CA 91790
Volunteer Services Director: Margaret Pohl
626/962-4011 ext. 22412

Citrus Valley Medical Center
Inter-Community Campus
210 West San Bernardino Road
Covina, CA 91723
Volunteer Services Director
Aliede Klein: 626/331-7331 ext. 16237

Foothill Presbyterian Hospital
250 South Grand Avenue
Glendora, CA 91741
Phone: 626/963-8411

Queen of the Valley Hospital
1135 S Sunset Ave
West Covina, CA 91790
Phone: (626) 962-4011