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Academic Disqualification

Academic Disqualification and Options for Enrolling after Disqualification

Disqualification occurs when the student's GPA reaches the levels specified below. A student who is disqualified on the basis of their grade point average will not be allowed to attend Cal Poly Pomona for at least one quarter. If the student does not improve their academic standing, they may not be able to return to Cal Poly Pomona.

Units Completed Grade Point Average
Freshman 0 - 44 <1.5
Sophomore 45-89 <1.7
Junior 90 - 134 <1.85
Senior 135 or more <1.95

Students are notified of their academic disqualification as soon as possible after the end of the quarter. Students have 3 options available in order to regain their enrollment eligibility. Students should visit their academic advisor IMMEDIATELY to discuss which option is best for them. International Students should also see their International Center Advisor for additional information. See this chart and the description below:


Option 1: Appeal your "sit-out/stop-out" term and obtain approval to attend.

  • A sit-out/stop-out term is when the student is not enrolled in courses at Cal Poly Pomona. During this time, the student has the option to attend classes at CPP through Open University to improve their GPA, or at a community college to demonstrate improvement. Students are required to sit-out/stop-out for at least one term if they are disqualified. International students should consult with their International Center advisor regarding their next steps in this process. Click here to view more information on stop-out.
  • An appeal is when the student submits a request to ask for an exemption from the "sit-out" policy. This can be done if the student successfully raises their GPA during the Grace period or if you can demonstrate an extenuating circumstance prevented you from performing well academically.
  • A grace period is the term immediately after a student is disqualified the first time. On the quarter system, students can stay enrolled in classes during the time to try to improve their GPA to remove the Disqualification one status.
  • See your academic advisor as soon as possible to complete a Disqualification Appeal form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

Option 2: Seek reinstatement for a future quarter.

  • Reinstatement occurs when the student applies to enroll in courses at CPP after completing a sit-out quarter and showing satisfactory improvement.
  • If you do not enroll for more than two consecutive terms, you will become inactive. (Starting Summer 2017, summer does not count as one of these terms.) Inactive students must reapply to enroll again. Therefore, if you are not currently enrolled and you want to remain an active student, you must apply for reinstatement.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss options to regain good academic standing. Then, obtain a copy of Petition for Academic Reinstatement form from your advisor and ensure the form is signed by all parties and submitted at least two weeks before the Add/Drop period of the quarter for which you are seeking reinstatement. Refer to the Registrar's Office website for registration timelines.

Option 3: If you are not able to re-enroll using Option 1 or 2, you may apply for re-admission to the University.

  • Note that admission is not guaranteed; your application will be reviewed to determine if you have improved your chances of academic success and meet all admissions requirements.
  • Apply for admissions by the specified deadlines. Refer to the Admissions website for more information.

IF the student is permitted to re-enroll:

If a student does meet one of these requirements above and is allowed to re-enroll, they must raise their GPA above the Disqualification standard within your first 24 attempted units

IMPORTANT: If a student does not raise their GPA above the Disqualification standard within their first 24 units, or they fall into disqualification a second time after they in good standing, this will result in a second Disqualification, which will permanently disqualify the student from attending the University. Please see the chart below and discuss this with an advisor:

Chart demonstrates that student must raise their GPA above Disqualification standing in 24 units

The following charts have detailed information regarding Disqualification policy:

Disqualification Chart (docx)

24 Unit Policy After Reinstatement on DQ Status Chart-Effective Fall 2015 (docx)

24 Unit Policy after Reinstatement on DQ Status interactive Powerpoint-Effective Fall 2015 (pptx)