Agribusiness & Food Industry Management/Agricultural Science

Mission and Values

Mission Statements

Mission statements for the two B.S. programs of the Agribusiness & Food Industry Management – Agricultural Science Department are below.

The Agribusiness & Food Industry Management program seeks to effectively educate and prepare students within the fields of agribusiness, food industries, finance, marketing, and management for successful careers. The Agribusiness & Food Industry Management program utilizes connections within the agricultural industry to incorporate real world experiences and hands on learning in addition to quality classroom instruction for a comprehensive education in agribusiness. In addition to cultivating beneficial relationships with potential employers, the Agribusiness & Food Industry Management program is dedicated to empowering graduates with the essential skills and knowledge necessary for professional careers in agribusiness and the food industry.

The mission of the Agricultural Sciences major at Cal Poly Pomona is to fully prepare students with the diverse skill set that is required for career success in most any sector of 21st century agriculture industry.

Values and Beliefs of the Agribusiness & Food Industry Management – Agricultural Science Department

We value and promote student success.

As members of an inclusive polytechnic university community, we value inclusivity, diversity, and equity.

We believe in treating people fairly and acting with the highest ethical standards in our professional lives.

We believe in engaging with the broader community (including public and private firms, trade associations, charitable organizations, government agencies, and school districts, as appropriate) for the benefit of our students as well as the broader community.

We believe in continuous improvement, so we constantly seek to augment our knowledge, skills, methods, technology, and curriculum.

We value our planet and its environment. To support the future of our planet, its plants and animals, and humankind, we pursue environmental sustainability in everything we do.