Agribusiness & Food Industry Management/Agricultural Science

Agriculture Science B.S.

California is the nation's number one agricultural state. Learn about all aspects of "the new agriculture" so that you can become an educator (more than a third of California high schools have agricultural education programs) or a manager in this huge industry. From farm and garden "labs" to community involvement and public speaking, you'll get hands-on experience and real-life skills.
students plant vegetables at Spadra Farm
Intern prunes trees at Tree Town Nurseries
Aaron Fox speaks at healthy soils conference at Spadra Ranch

Touch everything

Get hands-on experience: from sun to soil; plant to animal; food to fiber; store to table.

Make the world a better place

Teach sustainability to the next generation of people who will be in charge of the future.

Get there faster

If your goal is to teach Agriculture in public school, our program streamlines the process of getting your credential. It's faster and fun.

Ag teachers are in demand

California high schools need ag teachers. We had 13 offers for each credential student last year.

Teach while you're learning

Work in actual high-school classrooms. Educate the community. Put your new knowledge to work.