Animal and Veterinary Science

Program Accreditation and/or Recognitions

We have the only Animal Sciences/Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department in Southern California. Most schools in North America focus on Animal Sciences; we are one of the few that emphasize on Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

Animal Science

Nation-wide, we are the only Animal and Veterinary Sciences department that has a polytechnic approach to learning, with an emphasis on hands-on training. The Pre-veterinary Science/Graduate School option meets requirements for admission to most schools of veterinary medicine, related medical technical fields, and graduate study. About 44% (average for past 5 years) of our Prevet students that apply to vet school are accepted. This is a high success rate considering that nation-wide we have only 32 veterinary schools, and the acceptance rate is typically 10-15%.

Animal Health Sciecnce

Only 4-year Veterinary Technician program accredited (since 1996) by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in the West Coast. One of 25 nationwide approved programs. Veterinary Technician national exam passing rate of 90% (vs. 72% nationwide) (2017-2020). Named: “Best Affordable Veterinary Studies Degree” for quality and cost by