Animal and Veterinary Science

Animal Science B.S.

Explore Your Career Options

You know we're the place for pre-vet. Our Kellogg Arabian Horse Center is world famous. What's new is the wealth of options we open up besides becoming a vet. It's all in our unique holistic approach, studying the whole animal from cellular DNA on up. Study genetics, breeding principles, reproductive physiology and produce embryos and clones. Learn immunology and invent new vaccines. Go into animal industry and business management; or food safety and public health. Learn by doing on our acres of teaching farms with more animals on campus than any other college.

student with a colt and the mother
a student performs a lab experiment in animal science
a student sheers a blackface sheep

What inspires you?

From nutrition, immunology and genetics to using animals for people-therapy, we take a holistic approach so you can find your calling.

Grow with the animal industry

It's huge and getting bigger. Smarter pet food. Better pharmaceuticals. Safer meat. Learn how to make your mark.

Make food safer

Learn microbiology and genetics to make food safer - like new technologies using DNA code to identify where an item originated.

Care for creatures all sizes

Learn medicine and science in the field, not just the classroom. Work with animals on campus and off, from dairies to wildlife refuges.

See your foal bred and born

Perform artificial insemination, monitor the pregnancy, and be there when your foal is born, and raise a flag (blue for boy, pink for girl).