Animal and Veterinary Science

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

A four-year curriculum leading to a bachelor's degree in animal science with subplans in pre-veterinary science/graduate school, and animal industries management. Animal health science is also offered by the department as a separate major.

Specialized laboratories are provided for meat, wool, and animal production. The department maintains 330 acres of rangeland and 100 acres of irrigated pasture. Livestock includes a breeding herd of Angus and Angus Crossbred cattle; the Kellogg Arabian horses; flocks of purebred Rambouillet and Suffolk sheep, and a herd of various commercial breeds of swine.

The department also offers a master's degree in agriculture with a subplan in animal science. Specializations available within the degree are animal nutrition, animal breeding, meat science, and animal physiology.

Location of the university provides rich opportunities for students to obtain specialized and practical educational experience in production, management, feeding, marketing, and processing. Cooperation of prominent local breeders, feeders, producers, marketing organizations and related animal industries offers an additional opportunity for field study. For the student interested in meat science and processing, specialized courses are available. A student may develop a program emphasizing meat science by consulting with the appropriate departmental advisor.

The pre-veterinary science/graduate school subplan meets requirements for admission to most schools of veterinary medicine, related medical technical fields, and for graduate study in animal nutrition, meat science, animal breeding. and animal physiology.

The animal industries management subplan is designed to prepare students for employment as managers of equine enterprises and related agribusiness opportunities in the equine industry. The subplan combines course work in equine production, nutrition, breeding, genetics and diseases with studies in the management aspects of an equine enterprise.