Animal and Veterinary Science

Animal Science vs. Animal Health Science

What is the Difference?

Animal Science Major

The Animal Science major has two options Preveterinary/Graduate School option, and Animal Science general option. Students that want to become a veterinarian (DVM) require an additional 4 years of veterinary school after completing a bachelor’s degree. Some students on the Prevet option go to graduate school for MS or PhD degrees. Those who do not get accepted into graduate school can find employment in industries, such as pet food companies, USDA and other government or state agencies, aquaria and zoos. They can also work as pharmaceutical representatives, and veterinary assistants in animal hospitals and clinics. The Animal Science option is for students that do not wish to attend veterinary school, but some can go to graduate school for MS and PhD degrees. These students can work in the various industries, indicated above.

Animal Health Science Major

The Animal Health Science major is for students that want to become Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs). In addition to their BS degree, they are licensed by the State of California Veterinary Medical Board to become RVTs. Just as nurses work with physicians, RVTs work with veterinarians.