Nutrition and Food Science

Food Science and Technology B.S.

Apply chemistry, microbiology, statistical principles, engineering and processing technology to develop healthy foods that taste good, process better, ship well, and last longer. Food science and technology is a license to get creative and be analytical or get on a pre-professional track: pre-med, pre-dental, pre-pharm, pre-vet. Food scientists are in high demand - with a bachelor's degree, you can start at around $48,000 a year and, with experience, make more than $100,000. Our undergraduate program is the only approved program in Southern California by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and the Research Chefs Association (RCA).
student checks sugar content of orange juice
student counts out raisins for oatmeal raisin cookies at the
a student holds a handful of pistachios

Find new food sources for fair trade

Analyze a new food source like plant-based foods, to create a more sustainable food supply.

Cool science can be warm

We're scientists here, but we're friendly. Warm. Down-to-earth. Very different from the atmosphere at your typical science-focused college.

Intercept harmful agents

Learn to analyze foods and processes and prevent contamination to protect humans and animals.

Invent Healthier Snacks

Learn by doing: create a nutritious packaged product with all the properties that make it marketable from taste to shelf life to ingredient economics.

Get biotechnical

Biotech is big business in California. Learn the skills that can take you into this growth area.


This option is approved by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and it stresses learning scientific concepts with the application of theoretical principles. It provides the opportunity to expand beyond the background provided by the required courses of the major. The elective courses under this option provide additional background to prepare one to become a food chemist, a food microbiologist, or a food-processing technologist. This option is also a good fit for students who are interested in pursuing a master's and/or a doctoral degree in a science or technology field in the future.   

Culinology is a trademark of the Research Chefs Association (RCA). This option is one of few programs approved by RCA in the U.S. The curriculum blends food science and culinary arts and will provide tools to successfully develop new foods for retail and food service consumption. This option is particularly attractive to those interested in product development. Students will receive a bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology while taking a number of courses in Culinary Arts. 

The general option is created to provide students with a more flexible pathway for graduation, while still completing the core requirements of a Food Science and Technology major program. In this option students have more flexibility in choosing elective courses that could meet the requirements of a pre-professional degree or several minors such as plant-based foods and nutrition, business, nutrition and some other minors.