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It is the purpose of the College of Business Administration to develop in students the people, technical, and managerial competence necessary for successful performance in business, industry, government and education. Our undergraduate programs provide the student with an understanding of the social and economic environment in which we live and with a common body of knowledge to specialize in any business field. In addition, each concentration emphasizes, with additional coursework, specific areas of knowledge useful for the career paths served by that concentration.

Undergraduate/ Graduate Business Programs

Cal Poly Pomona's  graduate business programs offer our students the chance to advance their careers with a number of academic degrees including the Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA).

Email: Dr. Meihua Koo,  
Location: Building 164, Room 1039

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Accounting is the lifeblood of business. In order to remain competitive, organizations of every size need professionals who can measure economic events, process data into reports as well as communication and interpret results. Equipped with these reports, managers and executives can evaluate the overall health of their organizations and decide how to allocate resources. Today's accounting students not only possess technical knowledge of accounting but have the skills to employ the latest technology and communicate with the highest levels of management in order to achieve organizational objectives. With accounting affecting every part of an organization, it's no wonder that it is often referred to as the "language of business."

Email: Dr. Magdy Farag,
Location: Building 164, Room 2064

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Welcome to the Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department at Cal Poly Pomona. CIS is an option for the degree of business administration. The CIS Department participates in several graduate degrees, including an emphasis in information management in the MBA program and a specialized master’s degree in information auditing (MSBA) and telecommunications.

Email: Dr. Drew Hwang,
Location: Building 164 Room 1022

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The EBZ curriculum prepares the graduate for careers in managing operations and supply chain in small and large companies, national and international businesses, not-for-profit institutions, and government. Students majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in E-Business are provided a broad background in the field, after which they choose one of the following career tracks in which to specialize:

  • E-Business Technology
  • E-Business Supply Chain Management

Email: Yuanjie he,
Location: Building 164, 1030

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The Finance, Real Estate and Law Department (FRL) provides a program for individuals interested in careers in finance, real estate and law or in related fields in private or public organizations. The FRL curriculum provides the student with theory and practical application through hands-on learning in the polytechnic tradition. The overarching goal is to prepare people-oriented leaders who can advance in the business world.

Email: Dr. Wei Yu,
Location: Building 164 Room 2050

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The IBM Department prepares students for careers in international business, marketing management or a combination of the two disciplines. We offer graduate and undergraduate students an extensive array of specialized courses and practical learning experiences to help them “hit the ground running” upon graduation to quickly become an asset to their employers.

Email: Dr. Juanita Roxas,
Location: Building 164 Room 3068

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The Management and Human Resources (MHR) Department is about people, whether you're leading them or working in staff positions our curriculum will train you for success in multiple organizational settings. 

MHR offers a curriculum that is flexible and adaptive to student needs and experiences. Students in the MHR Department must select one of the following areas of emphasis:

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Email: Dr. Carlos Gonzalez
Location: Building 164 Room 3064

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An operations manager is responsible for planning, coordinating and supervising the creation, production and distribution of goods and services in an organization. The student of Technology and Operations Management (TOM) will obtain the knowledge and skills needed to manage and improve the productivity of business operations and to continuously improve the quality of service and goods produced.

Email: Yuanjie He,
Location: Building 164 Room 1030

TOM Homepage

Graduate business programs

Singelyn Graduate School of Business

Cal Poly Pomona's  Singelyn Graduate School of Business offer our students the chance to advance their careers with a number of academic degrees including the Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA).

Undergraduate Business Programs

The undergraduate program is accredited by AACSB International — a hallmark excellence achieved by less than one-third of the nation's business programs. This accreditation assures quality and promotes excellence and continuous improvement in business education.

Undergraduate Business Programs
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There are several scholarships offered to currently enrolled students through the College of Business Administration program.  Scholarships are awarded to students in every major and every classification and are usually awarded based on merit or financial need, or a combination of both. Scholarships go to all kinds of students - even students like you.

Dean's List

Dean's List

CBA students whose academic excellence have qualified them for the Dean's List. To be eligible, students must have completed at least 12 units and have a Cal Poly Pomona grade point average of 3.5 or higher.