Technology and Operations Management

Frequently Asked Questions

About this program

Answer: Please check page 21 of the CPP Graduate Student Handbook.

Answer: No, the College of Business Administration (CBA) is one of the colleges at Cal Poly Pomona. The College of Extended University (CEU) is another college of Cal Poly Pomona. This MSDSCM program is offered by CBA but funded through CEU. There are two funding models for Cal State University (CSU) programs: state-funded and self-support. The two models are basically the same in terms of faculty and curriculum. The only difference is that the self-support program is administered by CEU which charges the same tuition for both international and domestic students.

Answer: The degree is Master of Science in Digital Supply Chain Management (MSDSCM) awarded by Cal Poly Pomona. “Extension” is a term used internally and only for the funding model purpose.

Answer: The degree will be awarded by Cal Poly Pomona. It is a formal degree program just as all other master’s degrees awarded by Cal Poly Pomona. The degree is not a certificate.

Answer: The courses are currently being offered in a hybrid format with both remote and in-person components. The program will be in-person when the pandemic is in control, pending on the guidance from Los Angeles County and CSU chancellor’s office.

Apply to this program

Answer: Please use the CSU Apply website here:

Answer: For admission criteria, please refer to For international applicants, English proficiency test may be required.

Answer: The CSU Apply system does not waive application fee for graduate programs, nor for extension programs. View details at:

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Answer: There is limited number of graduate assistantships awarded annually for qualified MSDSCM students. The application for the assistantship and award process is in the Spring semester. The amount of the assistantship ranges between $500 and $2500. The MSDSCM students may also find on campus jobs with limited hours for financial support.

International student admission