Technology and Operations Management

MSDSCM Program Overview

Program Overview

Graduates from this program will acquire in-depth supply chain functional area knowledge in procurement, production, logistics, warehousing, enterprise solution information systems, lean and six sigma, process improvement, and will be equipped with data management and analysis skills in ERP (SAP), predictive and customer analytics, and supply chain optimization. The program will focus on supply chain value creation through holistic digital transformation views and will build contemporary supply chain technology competencies in graduates.

To provide in-depth and rigorous training, this program emphasizes both the technical and the application perspectives of digital supply chain. Graduates from this program are anticipated to be able to:

  • Effectively communicate critical internal and external problems and solutions throughout the supply chain process
  • Synthesize concepts and decision-making principles in manufacturing, logistics, procurements, and other supply chain activities to business practices
  • Evaluate and solve management challenges in manufacturing, logistics, procurement, and other key supply chain functions
  • Integrate enterprise management systems, data analytics methods, and other decision support tools to make supply chain decisions.