Technology and Operations Management

Student Highlights

Si Pei.  You should develop you skills and become known in order to create your own brand.  You are your own brand.  Start to build your own brand NOW!
Esther Quon.  "This past summer, I was an Operations Manager Intern at Target's Regional Distribution Center in Rialto..."
Justin Yee.  "I am working as an operations support intern for Yusen Logistics in Long Beach California..."
Edgar Olivar.  "I will be interning at General Motors in the Summer of 2022 for Global Supply Chain..."
Josh Valia.  "This past summer, I interned for Walgreen's Supply Chain division at their Moreno..."
Dahlia Pasaran.  "As of right now, I have applied to a leadership development program from Geodis..."
Britney Ly.  "I am currently interning at the Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing..."
Jenny Lam.  "I recently accepted an internship with Niagara Bottling Headquarters where..."
Linda Sea.  "I'm really interested in product management.  I was introduced to the career after visiting..."
Jesus Duran.  "I will be joining Lockheed Martin Space in Denver as a Subcontract Administrator..."
Hiral Ashani.  "I started my internship on March 1st as an inventory management intern at Schreiber Foods..."
Jean Minasian.  "Last summer I had an internship with Amazon as an Area Manager Intern at one of their Amazon Robotics..."
Daniel Ehrlich.  "One of the reasons I decided to pursue the Outside Sales Trainee position is after..."