English & Modern Languages


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Language study opens doors—not only doors to cultures and lands physically distant, but career doors here in Southern California and beyond. Our Spanish programs prepare teachers, translators/interpreters, social workers, nutritionists and many others for professional roles in the Inland Empire. Students in International Business market themselves more effectively with a minor in Spanish or Mandarin. Automotive engineers acquire, through the study of German, the ability to compete for jobs in the German auto industry (as several of our graduates have done). Language opens doors of a different nature as well, more personal. Heritage speakers seek, through language study, not only the ability to communicate better with family members but a deeper connection to their culture of origin. Language study is a key step towards study abroad programs, with all the personal maturation and richness they can bring. Language study is internationalization in action. Cal Poly Pomona offers the following languages and programs:

Regardless of your situation, if you are in doubt about which language class to enroll in, please consult our placement information or see an advisor.