Office of Faculty Affairs

Interfolio @ CPP

Cal Poly Pomona uses the online platform, Interfolio, to conduct various evaluation processes electronically. Faculty members eligible for an evaluation will be asked to submit their packet of materials through Interfolio.

Candidate's Guide to Interfolio

The first step in the process is that a case will be created for you which includes instructions for submitting your packet along with all the required documents and forms. You will be notified by email from Interfolio that your case is ready.

  • How to log in to Interfolio ( doc | pdf | video )
  • How to view packet requirements ( doc | pdf )
  • How to add files to your packet ( interfolio )
  • How to preview your packet before submitting ( interfolio )
  • How to view and respond to files shared with you by a committee ( interfolio )
  • Best practices for naming packet materials ( interfolio )
  • Add links to Webpages, and YouTube and Vimeo Videos ( interfolio )
  • Optional: Using Interfolio's Dossier ( interfolio )

Reviewer's Guide to Interfolio

  • How to log in to Interfolio ( doc | pdf | video )
  • How to move a case forward ( interfolio )
  • How to add/remove members to a committee ( interfolio )
  • How to review the case ( interfolio )
  • How to complete a committee form ( pdf )
  • How to share an evaluation ( pdf | video )