New Faculty 2020
Office of Faculty Affairs

2020 New Faculty

Upper Half from Left to Right:
  1. Fatheema Subhan, Nutrition and Food Science
  2. Ericsson Marin, Computer Science
  3. E'Lisha Fogle, Hospitality Management
  4. Brian Kim, Philosophy
  5. Ariel Hahn, Library
  6. Christine Wieseler, Philosophy
  7. Katherine Kinkopf, Geography and Anthropology
  8. Claudia Salazar Jimenez, English and Modern Languages
  9. David Driscoll, Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  10. Hyeryung Hwang, Interdisciplinary General Education
  11. Mary Anne Mendoza, Political Science
  12. Jason Ear, Biology
  13. Philippe Duhart, Sociology
  14. Sara Juarez, Education
  15. Coral Wheeler, Physics
Lower Half from Left to Right:
  1. Janel Ortiz, Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science
  2. Pavitra Kavya, Communications
  3. Kathryn Daniels, Sociology
  4. Kwon Gi Mun, Technology and Operations Management
  5. Adaickapillai Mahendran, Chemistry
  6. Kellene Isom, Nutrition and Food Science
  7. Mary Anne Mendoza, Political Science
  8. Karen Trujillo, English and Modern Languages
  9. Manuchehr Aminian, Mathematics
  10. Honggang Wang, Technology and Operations Management
  11. Rachael Hill, History
  12. Soon Young Jang, Early Childhood Studies
  13. Melissa Barragan, Sociology