Risk Management

Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of University Risk Management is to safeguard both the human and physical assets of the University. To do this effectively, we provide guidance and assistance for our faculty, staff, and students to identify and manage risks associated with their activities, consistent with Cal Poly Pomona's mission, vision, and learning-centered philosophy. 


The Vision of University Risk Management is to continually improve our service to the University community, to protect the University's human, intellectual, physical, and financial assets and resources, and to collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to help them meet their goals while still protecting the University. 


  • Good stewardship of University resources
  • Creativity and enterprise 
  • Ethics and integrity through our work 
  • Good communication within and outside the department 


  • Provide a safe and healthful environment, where faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors can work, learn, and visit without accidents or injuries. 
  • Prevent or minimize the financial impact of actual and potential losses to Cal Poly Pomona and preserve its assets in a responsible way. 
  • To promote a culture of continuous compliance with applicable regulatory programs.
  • Provide effective and timely service.