Risk Management

Student Organizations and Clubs FAQs

All activities or events, regardless of size, involve levels of risk. As student organizations hosting events, both on and off campus, you need to be aware of potential risks and work to develop strategies to mitigate those risks. While risks vary in type and scope, they need to be accounted for in the planning process of an event.

Student organizations and clubs should contact the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers for assistance in planning their events and any questions regarding options to manage risk should be directed to Cal Poly Pomona’s Risk Manager.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Club sponsored events are considered "independent activities" and are not covered by any existing campus insurance policy. Unless insurance is purchased by the club for a specified activity or event there is no coverage.

The University is self-insured for general liability insurance and has a self-insured retention (SIR) of $100,000.00. Anything below the campus SIR level is not covered by insurance.

For events held off campus, unless insurance is purchased by the club for a particular activity or event there is no coverage.

On-Campus Events : Special event insurance can be purchased for on-campus events. When planning an event on campus first check with the OSL for approval of the event. OSL can also determine for you the availability of the location you wish to use and to reserve the location. If an event is considered to be “high risk” it will likely not be approved. If an event is open to attendance by the general public (non-Cal Poly Pomona students) in most cases special event insurance must be purchased by the club.

Off Campus Events : Special event insurance can be purchased for off-campus events also. If a club hosts an event or activity at an off-campus site the location will likely request that you provide a Certificate of Insurance as specified in a contract or agreement to lease the site. The location may offer a special event insurance policy you can purchase that meets their lease insurance requirements.

Where to purchase insurance : If your club belongs to a National Organization check with that organization about the availability of coverage or ask if they can provide a quote to purchase insurance. A local insurance agency can also be contacted for a quote. Risk Management is not in the business of selling insurance, but in most instances we can assist by providing a quote for coverage.

When purchasing insurance coverage for an on-campus event please refer to the Risk Management Website- “Special Event Insurance” for general information, additional insured and coverage requirements.

In keeping with Chancellor's Office Executive Order 1041- Students participating in CSU affiliated programs who are traveling by air flight or charter bus/ground transportation (seating more than 15) are on notice that:

The CSURMA provides enrolled students of the CSU with:

  • A “Student Travel Accident” insurance policy that provides coverage for injuries sustained while away from Campus or traveling to or from campus when participating in a school sponsored activity. The coverage applies to travel or participation in activities away from campus which is a part of a course requirement, or is sponsored by a university auxiliary organization or other recognized student organization or club, includes travel to or from intercollegiate athletic events away from campus but does not include participation in such events or practices. 

    This insurance is intended to supplement, not replace, coverage under any other health care plan. As excess insurance, this policy pays after any other heath care plan. It is an accident only policy and will not pay benefits for loss caused by or resulting from illness of any form or disease. The total maximum benefit amount is $10,000 per covered person, per covered accident. The policy does not include travel to offsite events such as social events or fund raisers.
  • A “Foreign Travel Insurance Program” that provides coverage for emergency medical, travel, personal and security services, supplies embassy and consular contracts worldwide and assists in replacing lost documents, legal assistance and security assistance. Additional information including policy limits can be provided upon request. Note: Students are required to purchase insurance under this program when traveling on a campus-related activity/event outside of the United States.

When a club members or a member of the public has chosen to participate in a club sponsored activity or event (on or off campus) where there is a risk of injury. The participant should be made aware of any known or foreseeable risks of participation and possible outcomes. If the participant is a minor, under age 18, the Release must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Release of Liability, Promise Not to Sue, Assumption of Risk and Agreement to Pay Claims” (PDF)

Any participant (student or non-student) who chooses to take part in an event or activity where there is risk of injury.

A class field trip is considered to be an out-of-classroom, off-campus trip intended to achieve the learning objectives of the academic course. Those attending are the Cal Poly Pomona faculty or staff member and students who are enrolled in the class. If the fieldtrip site is a public location anyone can go to that location, but only those enrolled in the academic course are participants in the fieldtrip.

If the injury requires emergency medical treatment call 9-1-1 from a campus phone or (909) 869-3070 from your cell phone. This will put you in contact with the campus police dispatcher. A police officer will be sent to the location to assess the situation. Medic One is located on campus and if needed can be dispatched to respond. After handling the emergency notify Risk Management by calling (909)869-4846.

Notify Campus Police by calling 9-1-1 from a campus phone or (909)869-3070 from your cell phone so that a Police Report can be taken. Also notify Risk Management by calling (909)869-4846.