Risk Management

Risk Assessment

California State University (CSU) and Campus Requirements

Risk Assessment

The first step in planning an event, project, field trip, and/or activity is a comprehensive review of the risks involved. The Risk Assessment Worksheet (link provided below) will assist in the identification of potential hazards and risks, including:

  • Risk to Persons
  • Financial Risks
  • Risk to Property
  • Reputation Risks

Once you identify the risks, you will then evaluate/rate the potential for the harm to be realized. Finally, you will identify what actions or risk control measures (for example, purchasing insurance) can be implemented to mitigate or eliminate risk; in particular for those in the medium or high risk categories.

Typical Characteristics of Medium to High Risk Event

  • Event attendees are off campus visitors/the general public
  • (or advertised to the general public).
  • The event attendees/participants are minors.
  • The event has vendors or exhibitors.
  • Musicians or other entertainers will perform at the event.
  • The event includes rides, mechanical devices, inflatables, animals and/or fireworks.
  • The event involves contact sport-related activities.
  • The event has a controversial speaker.
  • Alcoholic beverages will be served.

Risk Assessment Tools


If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Risk Management.

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