Risk Management

Foreign Travel Insurance Program

The CSU requires FTIP coverage for faculty, staff, and students traveling outside of the United States.

Purchase of foreign travel insurance coverage under the CSURMA Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP) is required of faculty, staff, and students traveling internationally on university-related business, programs or activities. FTIP provides critical coverage for certain exposures during travel, including, but not limited to: primary and emergency medical, general liability, automobile liability (on an excess basis), and workers’ compensation coverage for faculty and staff. The FTIP premium is based upon factors that include the country of travel and number of days of travel. 

To request Travel Insurance please complete the TRAVEL INSURANCE APPLICATION FORM.

The table below summarizes the mandated submittal timelines to request approval for international travel and the approval levels required based on the level of risk as determined by the U.S. State Department List and CSURMA High Hazard & War Risk List.

Level 1 or 2 U.S. State Department Level 3 or 4 Advisory and/or CSURMA High Hazardous List CSURMA War RiskCountry List
Number of Days in Advance* 30 days
40 days
40+ days
Staff Travel Approvals
VP-Admin.Affairs or Risk Mgr. VP-Admin. Affairs and President VP-Admin Affairs, President, and Chancellor’s Office
Faculty Travel Approvals
Provost/VP for Academic Affairs Provost/VP for Academic Affairs and President Provost/VP for Academic Affairs, President, and Chancellor's Office

 *Required submittal timeline prior to day of departure


  • If travel is a Study Abroad or Exchange Program, contact Study Abroad.
  • Some international programs require the student to purchase insurance coverage offered by their program. FTIP coverage is still required, but “Overlay” coverage is available at a reduced premium.
  • If travel is related to a rrecognized Student Club activity or event using ASI funds, contact ASI to complete the travel authorization paperwork.
  • If travel is related to a grant, a class activity, attending a conference, etc. Work with the faculty or staff member within the respective College or Department to complete the Staff or Student Request for Approval of International Travel form to be routed for approvals.

The policy is renewed on a fiscal year basis, and coverage is subject to change each July 1st.Currently, major benefits for covered employees/students include, but are not limited to:

  • Primary medical (Travel, Accident & Sickness) benefit (up to $250,000, with $0 deductible)
  • Emergency medical (up to $10,000)
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Emergency reunion
  • Trip cancellation benefit ($2,500 benefit maximum)
  • Trip Interruption benefit ($2,500 benefit maximum)
  • Contingent Auto Liability (Excess) – If renting vehicle purchase allcoverage offered. Note: Coverages may besubject to conditions and/or policy limits.
Note: This information is a brief description of the important features of this program. It is not an insurance contract.

Risk Management will send you an email, after coverage has been bound (purchased). This email will confirm your travel information (location, dates, etc.) and the premium cost. You will be asked to provide the funding source for payment of the premium. Your Travel Assistance Card will be attached to the email. This card will provide coverage information and a 24-hour contact, phone number and email address, to use in the event you should need assistance while traveling.

It is recognized that travelers, employees and students, may extend their travel to include dates of personal travel. Travelers have the option of extending the FTIP coverage to include up to a maximum of 14 days for personal travel that occurs immediately before or following CSU-related travel. Any additionnal premium must be paid by the traveler. Contact Risk Management with any questions and to obtain a quote.

Foreign travel insurance can be purchased privately for immediate family members traveling with the employee. The premium will not be paid by the university. Contact Risk Management with any questions and to obtain a quote.

Note: For employees only.

It is important that you keep the University (your department/dean) informed of your contact information while traveling. Emergencies abroad e.g., natural disasters (flood, hurricane, earthquake, etc.), political unrest, or a military event may cause the university and/or the insurer to need to contact you or to check on your well-being. It is recommended that students participating in Study Abroad and Exchange Programs contact their resident director if/when leaving the country.

The FTIP premium is based upon factors that include the country of travel and number of days of travel. The rates indicated apply from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. 

Faculty, staff, students, other:

  • Trips of 1 to 15 days: $60 per trip/participant
  • Trips of 16 to 31days: $75 per trip/participant
  • Trips of 32 to 90 days: $140 per trip/participant
  • Trips of 91 to 180 days: $265 per trip/participant
  • Trips of 181 to 270 days: $325 per trip/participant
  • Trips of 271 to 364 days: $500 per trip/participant

Notes: An additional premium for travel to High Hazardous Countries to be added to the above rates. Rates apply per participant/per trip. Days are counted from the start of the trip to the end of the trip, including travel to and from home.