Credential Programs

Program Application

How to Apply to the Cal Poly Pomona Credential Program

  1. Candidates must submit their university application as post baccalaureate students seeking a teaching credential program online at Cal State Apply

  2. Candidates must submit their program application.
  3. A copy of a Certificate of Clearance document granted by the California Commissions on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) must be submitted as part of the program admissions process.  A California Teaching Credential or Emergency Permit may be submitted in lieu of the Certificate of Clearance.  The issuance date must not exceed 5 years.  A copy of your document can be downloaded and printed online within 60 days of your application submission from the CTC website.  Please refer to the button at the bottom of the page. Any further questions may be answered by emailing the Commission Information Services Unit.

  4. All applicants must submit proof of passage of the Basic Skills Requirement by the deadline. There are several options available to verify this requirement.  Please refer to the button at the bottom of this page to access the CTC website for more information. 

  5. Subject Matter Competency is required of all students prior to program admission. Subject Matter Competency can be verified by passing the appropriate CSET at the California Educator Credentialing Assessment site (score results remain valid for 10 years from the time each subtest is passed) or by completing prescribed coursework. Students choosing the prescribed coursework option may petition for admission if 80% of prescribed coursework is complete. Access the 'Prepare page' from California Educator Credentialing Assessment site to find study guides, practice test questions, score scales, computer-based testing tutorials and more.

  6. Current Negative TB Test (offered at Student Health Center) or chest x-ray. TB clearance is valid for four years and must remain valid throughout clinical practice.

  7. Successful completion of a supervised Early Field Experience is a prerequisite for admission in the credential programs.

  8. In a thoughtful and well-constructed essay, discuss the personal and professional qualities you possess that will enable you to become an effective teacher in a multicultural classroom and your expectations of the credential program to further develop those attributes. All statements must be typed, double-spaced, 12 point in Times New Roman font, signed, and dated. This statement is assessed to determine if you can write in an academic and professional manner; your commitment to teaching all children; and your professional disposition and understanding of teaching in the public schools. 

  9. If your overall GPA falls below 2.67 or if your last 60 semester or 90 quarter units are below 2.75, write a statement addressing the circumstances that contributed to your inability to meet the GPA requirement and professional experience related to the field of education since graduation from college. It must define a commitment to and potential for success in a professional teacher preparation program and the teaching profession. You must also provide a status report regarding completion of the subject matter requirements for the credential sought.

  10. The names and email addresses of two individuals who can provide a recommendation on your behalf are required. One must be completed by a university or college professor who has been your instructor. The other must be completed by a professional who has directly observed your work/interactions with youth for a minimum of 20 hours in a TK-12 setting.

  11. Candidates must make arrangements with their academic advisor to meet and complete the Student Program Plan. For more information, refer to the button at the bottom of this page for the Admission Forms.  

  12. Prior to the program admissions deadline, all Education Specialists must attend an on-campus Education Specialist Orientation. Visit the Orientation page to view dates/times/locations.

  13. All applicants participate in a group interview and on-demand writing sample. Candidates will be contacted by the Credential Services Office to make arrangements after submitting program admissions packets to the office. Program interviews remain valid for one year.

Additional information: 

Bilingual Authorization (BL) Candidates: All BL candidates must schedule an interview with the Bilingual Programs Coordinator. All interviews must be completed prior to the application deadline and additional BL items must be submitted at the time of the BL interview. Please arrange your items and schedule your interview accordingly. Program interviews remain valid for one year. 

Out-of-Country Graduates: All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a CTC approved transcript evaluation agency. Original (sealed) copies of the evaluated transcripts must be submitted to the Credential Analyst with program application documents. Please refer to the CTC website button at the bottom of this page for regulations pertaining to foreign transcript evaluation and verification.