Dr. Mohammad Salehan

Mohammad Salehan

Assistant Professor
Building 164, Room 3008
(909) 869-3249

Mohammad Salehan is an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems. He received his Ph.D. in Business from University of North Texas in 2015. He also holds an MBA in General Management from Sharif University of Technology and a Bsc. in Software Engineering from Shahid Beheshti University. His research interests include business analytics, social networks, and mobile computing.

Recent Courses:
CIS 234 - Introduction to Java Programming for Business
CIS 315 - Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 311 - Interactive and Responsive Web Development
CIS 310 - Management Information Systems

Selected Publications

Salehan, M. and Kim, D. J. (Accepted) “Use of online social networking services from a theoretical perspective of motivation-participation-performance framework,” Journal of The Association for Information Systems.

Salehan, M. and Kim, D. J., (2016) “Predicting the performance of online consumer reviews: A sentiment mining approach to big data analytics, Decision Support Systems, 81, 30-40.

Salehan, M., Kim, D. J., & Koo, C. (2016). A study of the effect of social trust, trust in social networking services, and sharing attitude, on two dimensions of personal information sharing behavior. The Journal of Supercomputing, 1-24.

Salehan, M., Mousavizadeh, M., and Koohikamali, M. (2015) “A recommender System for online consumer reviews,” ICIS 2015 Proceedings

Mousavizadeh, M., Koohikamali, M., and Salehan M. (2015) “The effect of central and peripheral cues on online review helpfulness: A comparison between functional and expressive products,” ICIS 2015 Proceedings

Salehan, M. and Kim, D. J. “Predicting the Performance of Online Consumer Reviews: A Sentiment Mining Approach,” ICIS 2014 Proceedings

Salehan, M. and Negahban, A. (2013). Social networking on smartphones: When mobile phones become addictive. Computers in Human Behavior, 29(6), 2632-2639.