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First Female CPP student selected for Sacramento Semester Program


Politial Science student, Clarissa Lemus

Political Science student, Clarissa Lemus, was accepted into the prestigious Sacramento Semester Program.

Clarissa is the very first female recipient from Cal Poly Pomona to receive this honor.

She will begin her internship experience, January 2018, at Sacramento State, where she will learn how to conduct legislative research, monitor bills, correspond with constituents, prepare press releases and newsletters, and participate in budget work and campaign planning.

Clarissa will be learning on the front line with members of the legislature, departments in the executive branch, and with political associations and lobbyists.

“My primary desire regarding the internship is to continue practicing and embracing our school’s ‘learn by doing’ philosophy. I am ecstatic to obtain practical experience in California politics and work directly with policies that will impact our home state.”

Many of the alumni who complete this prestigious program are working in top positions in all facets of state government.

Clarissa has been awarded The Honorable James L. Brulte Undergraduate Student Internship award, which will provide her with funds to offset expenses while she is completing her internship.

Clarissa plans to use this experience to fulfill her dreams of becoming a criminal defense attorney. She credits Dr. Mario Guerrero for his mentorship and encouraging her to apply.  As the program administrator, Dr. Brady Collins was instrumental in advising her in the application process.

“Throughout my undergraduate years, I have devoted my time and energy volunteering for organizations that revolve around public services.  This commitment crystallized during Fall 2016, when I began to volunteer for the Prison Education Project. Teaching at a prison is nothing like teaching at a school, in prison we don’t have access to the internet nor computers, but we have access to the most powerful tool; our words. Volunteering for this organization, has humbled me, and has motivated me to pursue a career as a public defender.”

Clarissa hopes to inspire other students to apply in the future. "To me, public services is more than just a resume line, it is what I want to do with my life. A sense of inspiration arises when I work for the public good and I am committed to continue working for my country and for my fellow constituents."

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