College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

1st Annual Brain Awareness Science and Activity Fair

In celebration of Brain Awareness Week, The Psychology Department and the college held the 1stAnnual Brain Awareness Science and Activity Fair on campus on March 13th. The event welcomed 300 6thgraders from Westmont Elementary, Kellogg Polytechnic Elementary, Simons Middle, and  Marshall Middle School  to campus for a ½ day filled with interactive educational activities centered around the brain and promoting neuroscience on campus and throughout the country. Events included “neuron tag”, “build-your-brain hat”,  mirror tracing, “perception distortion ball toss”, a neuroanatomy demonstration and many more.  Most notably, the event was organized from the ground up by a dedicated team of PSY undergraduates working closely with CPP Psychology Assistant Professor and Cognitive Neuroscientist Professor Robert Blumenfeld.

By all accounts the event was a tremendous success. Pomona Unified Students and their chaperones reported having an excellent experience and asking for a repeat of the event. They left not only with a deeper appreciation of the brain, but also a stronger connection to the campus and our College. For the Brain Awareness undergraduate organizers, this event was a tremendous accomplishment. They saw their shared vision, born from a year of careful planning and team efforts, come together in the smiles and wonderful interactions with the Pomona students. Fresh off their success, the organizers are hoping to expand in the future and open the event up for our campus community.