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Fredrick Meeker Memorial Fund

Fred Meeker

Frederick B. Meeker, Professor Emeritus and Library Docent, passed away on December 31, 2015. In his honor, the Frederick Meeker Memorial Fund has been established to provide an opportunity for students to present their research at professional conferences. The Meeker family has kicked off this fundraising campaign with a lead gift of $10,000. The hope is to raise a total of $50,000 to endow the fund, insuring that Professor Meeker’s legacy lives on year after year.  

Meeker, who preferred to be called Fred, arrived on the Cal Poly Pomona campus to teach psychology after completing his doctoral degree in 1972 at Claremont Graduate School. Fred's passion for psychology was infectious and apparent in both his formal teaching and informal interactions with his students. He was dedicated to bringing the discipline to life in the classroom. He brought research alive in discussions and practice, and was central in providing opportunities for students to attend undergraduate research symposia and professional psychology meetings. During his tenure at the university, Fred mentored many students toward careers in psychology or related disciplines, though, ironically, he was vehement in his claim that he had “never mentored anyone” in his life.

With this in mind, the Frederick Meeker Memorial Fund will provide up to $1000 to an undergraduate student to present his/her original research at a professional conference. To help keep Fred’s passion and dedication alive, you can contribute to the scholarship by clicking here.