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CLASS Council hosted a Pizza with the Dean

CLASS Council Deans

CLASS Council hosted a Pizza with the Deans event with a packed classroom of approx. 50 majors in attendance.

Students had many questions for the deans in the areas of planning for semester conversion, general advising, and making timely progress to degree;


  1. Lots of discussion on whether to stay on a quarter curriculum sheet, or switch to a semester curriculum (Students will be able  to opt into quarter or semester curricula based on what works best for them)
    1. It’s important to remember that quarter units will be converted to semesters and are not “lost.”
  2. There are lots of advising tools available (both dept specific and general)
    1. Look for advising tools such as road maps and quarter to semester sheets on dept web sites, or ask in dept or student success center.
    2. Attend university wide semester conversion workshops (these cover other topics as well , i.e., financial aid)


  1. Students were encouraged to have a “team” approach to advising and  to seek out help from both department advisors, dept chairs,  AND the Student Success Center.
  2. Students were encouraged to seek advising help often to stay on track for graduation.


  1. Students were encouraged to check whether they had IAP holds in Broncodirect and to seek out help at the Student Success Center sooner rather than later if this was the case (i.e., this week).
  2. The benefits of completing an Individual Academic Plan (IAP)
    1. The data informs the depts. and helps us provide students the classes they need to graduate
Pizza with Deans

CLASS COUNCIL President Raquel Gomez also updated students on the work they’re doing with the Career Center to improve resources for CLASS majors, as well as the upcoming election for new members of CLASS Council next year.

Students were encouraged to attend the Pizza with the President event planned for Feb 13th at U-Hour, location the patio in front of building 5, rain location 24-105.

This is meant to be a semester advising event with faculty and advisors available with major specific quarter to semester handouts.