College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

A Visiting Professor through the Fulbright NEXUS Program

Dr. Torres-Lima

Dr. Pablo Torres-Lima, a professor at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City, is visiting the Department of Geography and Anthropology this quarter through the Fulbright NEXUS Program.  This Fulbright NEXUS Program is a regional applied research program that includes scholars, professionals and applied researchers from Western Hemisphere nations and offers opportunities to work in multi-disciplinary, team-based research, seminar meetings, and exchange experiences.  

This winter, Dr. Torres-Lima and Dr. Conway-Gómez are working on research Dr. Torres-Lima conducted in the neighborhood of San Gregorio de Atlapulco in Xochimilco, just south of México City.  This body of research examines peoples’ perceptions about urban agriculture-related themes in pre-Hispanic chinampas on the southern edge of Mexico City.  Dr. Torres-Lima and Dr. Conway-Gómez are also working on a conceptual model that could be used to evaluate sustainability of urban areas, particularly in light of climate change.  

During his time on the CPP campus, Dr. Torres-Lima shared some of his work on urban agriculture in Mexico City and its role as part of a sustainable metropolitan program.  Dr. Torres-Lima-Lima also provided a guest lecture on interdisciplinary environmental design in Mexico to the Geography of Latin America class.