Students may withdraw after the fifth day through the fifteenth day (third week) of instruction via the BroncoDirect system.  Withdrawal from classes after the 15th day of instruction until the end of the eighth week of instruction is permissible only for serious and compelling reasons.  After the eighth week of instruction through the last day of finals week, withdrawals will only be permitted for serious and compelling reasons beyond the students’ control.

Effective fall 2009, undergraduates are limited to 28 units of recorded course withdrawals, i.e., where students receive “W” grades for the classes.  Course withdrawals prior to fall 2009 and withdrawals approved through the Retroactive Withdrawal Petition process will not contribute to this limit.  Students whose reasons for withdrawing from classes are beyond their control may request that such class withdrawals not contribute toward the 28-unit limit.

Request for Class Withdrawal (PDF)

University Guidelines Related to Withdrawals

  • Documentation is required for all withdrawals.
  • Students do not need to withdraw from all classes, but must be able to explain, consistent with their reason for withdrawal, how they will complete any classes not dropped.
  • Examples of acceptable reasons to request a withdrawal with grade of “W” during the 4th week through 8th week
    o Work hours changed so that they conflict with class time or increased significantly
    o Illness (student or close family member)
    o Other circumstances that hinder (but do not necessarily prevent) attendance
  • Examples of acceptable reasons to request a withdrawal with grade of “WX” during the 2nd week through finals week
    o Work conditions change preventing attendance
    o Serious illness (student or family member) preventing attendance
    o Other serious circumstance preventing attendance
  • Examples of unacceptable reasons to request a withdrawal at any time
    o Failing class
    o Don’t need class to graduate
    o No indication of grade given by instructor
    o Never attended class and wasn’t dropped by instructor
Colleges may have stricter requirements to grant a withdrawal. However, no college can prohibit withdrawals. Please visit your college website for specific policies.