Education Department


All pre-credential students who wish to take master’s courses must contact their program coordinator for a roadmap: Dr. Jann Pataray-Ching for Curriculum & Instruction or Dr. Heather Taylor for Education Specialist.

If you are a credential student interested in continuing to the Master's in Education program, you must submit a Petition to Change/Add Graduate Degree objective form to request acceptance into the program. Credential students should not file a petition until they are in the last block of clinical practice. Please be sure to include the MA degree option in the petition form. Options are: Curriculum & Instruction, Education Specialist, and Educational Leadership. Please note that the Education Specialist option has three emphases: (a) General Studies; (b) Curriculum & Instruction, and (c) Diversity. Also note: Students should have an Administrative Services Credential before they are accepted to the Educational Leadership.

All students need to file a Petition for Advancement to Candidacy form prior to registering for ERA 6930. This petition needs to have your committee chairperson's name along with your committee reader(s). The chair of your committee must be a full-time professor in the Department of Education. The readers/members must have a master’s degree and be proficient in your research area/field. Please be sure to indicate your anticipated graduation date.  In addition, the petition requires you to confirm that you have met the following:  (a) Completed core and elective courses while maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA; (b) Successfully passed CEIS mandated modules for CITI certification. Work with Ms. Rebecca Briseno to complete the form prior to submitting to your program coordinator. 

All students admitted to the graduate program prior to Fall 2022 must have a course contract on file. If you do not have a contract on file, you will not be able to graduate. Please contact your advisor ASAP: Dr. Jann Pataray-Ching for Curriculum & Instruction, Dr. Heather Taylor for Education Specialist, or Dr. Betty Alford for Educational Leadership. Students admitted Fall 2022 or later do not need a contract on file. You will consult your Degree Progress Report through Bronco Direct to check your progress in the master’s program. 

You can only receive a grade for one 6-unit course of ERA 6950/6960 per university regulations. If you take the course more than one semester, you will only receive a grade for one semester of the course. The other semester’s grade will receive No Credit (NC).  The NC grade will affect your financial aid. The appropriate Master's Continuation Course is, ERA 6990.

Note: You will need to retake ERA 6950/6960 if it was taken more than two years ago.

Please follow the guidelines listed on Graduate Studies website in regards to completing your project/thesis. This link provides deadlines, formatting, policies and other information.

This form is submitted by your project/thesis committee chairperson via Polydocs online after you have completed all the requirements for the master’s degree in education.

Please be pro-active when it comes to your grades. Check your unofficial transcripts for any RP’s you may have received. You will need to have these cleared before your degree can post.