Education Department

About Us


We empower transformative educators who advocate for justice and equity for all learners.


We will be the model for developing socially just educators who provide quality instruction, embrace local and global challenges, inspire innovation, and work collaboratively to improve school and community outcomes. 


  • Equity, Racial, & Social Justice: 
    • We believe in the anti-racist work of educators, to critically analyze systemic inequities within schools and communities, examining our own beliefs and biases. We boldly advocate for intentional pedagogies that include voices and lived experiences of those who have been historically disenfranchised. 
  • Academic Excellence
    • We promote academic excellence and intellectual curiosity through students’ critical engagement with an evidence-based culture and our faculty’s teaching, scholarship and service.
  • Student Success
    • We model student-centered pedagogy and services that engage, challenge and support students; build on community cultural wealth, students’ strengths and funds of knowledge; and enhance personal well-being to ensure their professional success. 
  • Experiential Learning
    • We are committed to an integrative, polytechnic approach to equitable education through experiential, applied, collaborative learning, innovation and inquiry. We empower educational leaders to challenge the boundaries of knowledge by fostering reflective and critical thinking, creativity, informed risk-taking and continuous learning.
  • Inclusiveness: 
    • We believe that all means all students: Inclusive education is a social justice issue. The diversity of our backgrounds, funds of knowledge, identities, cultures, languages, literacies and abilities is an asset that enhances our TK-12, university, and greater communities. 
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility: 
    • As global citizens, we engage with community partners and stakeholders fostering reciprocal relationships and collective action to advance social justice, ethical citizenship, and environmental sustainability for future generations.