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Frequently Asked Questions

For Admission in Deadline 

Closed for MA applicants


August 1st


October 15th 


Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree and either hold a valid teaching credential or be currently enrolled in clinical practice at CPP. Students must also have a minimum Overall GPA of 3.0.

Depending on the program option, full-time master’s students (6 units or two 3-unit courses) may complete the master’s degree in as little as 3-5 semesters, depending on how long it takes them to complete their culminating experience.
Part-time master’s students (3 units or one 3-unit course) can take 6-10 semesters.

The master’s degree must be completed within seven years of the first course in the program plan (including transfer courses). You calculate by adding 7 to the first course in the program plan, minus one semester (fall/spring), because you must complete your degree within 7 years

Tuition and fees vary by units taken and student status (credential or graduate). For update information, please refer to the university’s fee schedule.

Yes, you may transfer up to nine semester units from an accredited institution. Courses must be graduate level (500/5000 series or above). Courses cannot be more than 7 years old upon degree completion.

Fill out a Petition to Change/Add Graduate Degree Objective form. Please contact Ms. Rebecca Briseno for the form.